Agent Carter v. The Flash v. Gotham (v1.7)

“Agent Carter” : Thumbs up so far.

EDIT (2015-01-07): Okay, the above was posted last night, around 09:30pm. I’ve got a lot of positive stuff to say, so I’m reserving more space. Given my “real life” constraints, it’ll probably be multiple re-edits during my lunch 1/2-hour, and then later, after work. “Stay Tuned” if you’re interested. (FYI: I’m another Nobody/Fanboy. You are forewarned.)

EDIT II: I say the above knowing most of the “hits” to this blog come from family and co-workers trolling for “ammo” they can use. Nothing to be done about “trolling”.

Hayley Atwell as Carter: Brainy, bold, beautiful. Episodes were well-paced, well-balanced, IMO. Focus was clearly on Carter, plot and character interactions were smooth.

(Contrast: GOTHAM. Sometimes, seems a little “rocky”, and I think it’s because it’s trying to give too many characters a lot of time as “leads” in the story. Monday night’s GOTHAM was “smoother”, with more focus on Gordon, and the “seeds for larger stories” for some of the other major characters. Nit-to-pick: Penguin needs to get a decent haircut, dress a little better. One thing they’ve got “right” with their mob-guys on the show is the “cliché” of dressing well enough in an effort to be “business-like” and “respectable”.  Penguin doesn’t have to look exactly like those wiseguys, but he needs to look like he’s trying to look more respectable. Leave the “pseudo-Goth” to the Jokers and Harley Quinns.)

AGENT CARTER: Glad to see a lot of “familiar faces”. Love how they’re playing Carter against the, er, “social traditions” of the time.

Considering the “TV budget”, loving the attention to detail. Professional, respectful of the material,and the fan’s attachment to it, without creating an “atmosphere” that might put some non-fans off, I think.