DC Comics Wish-List: “Brotherhood of Evil” (v1.1)

Upfront: I’m actually more of a “Marvel Guy” than a “DCC Guy”. As far as the game of HeroClix goes, I’m always up for a few “good” (as in notorious, dastardly, weird, monstrous, and/or scary) supervillains to make it into the game.


DC villain team, The Brotherhood of Evil, hasn’t had much exposure in clix. Plenty of exposure in the comics and in cartoons. They originally debuted in the comics in 1964, as foes of the Doom Patrol, and by the 1980’s they were cropping up in the Teen Titans books a lot. (Too bad they didn’t show up more as clix in 2013’s TEEN TITANS set. Some fans felt the set was lacking, “diluted” due to the then-new Team Bases. I admit, I kind of agree. A prominent “superhero team’s” regular adversaries are just as important to the fans as the heroes. The selection of villains mirrors and “completes” the heroes, in a way, from a “story” standpoint. And, while HeroClix isn’t a “role-playing game” it isn’t *just* a table-top tactical combat game either. Players creating teams from character concepts both familiar and unfamiliar can produce “stories” of sorts in the players’ heads during games. Well, YMMV.)

In HeroClix, so far we *only* have the Rookie/Experienced/Veteran “goodness” that was Monsieur Mallah, The Brain, and Monsieur Mallah & the Brain from 2006’s COLLATERAL DAMAGE, and plasma-based-goo-monster Plasmus from 2008’s ARKHAM ASYLUM.

Might as well break down the “Want-List/Wish-List”, with suggestions for each character:

  • The Brain: Needs a “ReClix”.
  • Monsieur Mallah: Needs a “ReClix”.
  • Plasmus: “ReClix”? Maybe.
  • Houngan: Black guy wearing a headdress reminiscent of Native American “war bonnet”, and considering how much skin the guy shows, he’s got this whole “Village People/male stripper” look going that’s bound to make some uncomfortable. Computer scientist that delved heaviliy into voodoo. Result: “Technomatic Voodoo”, a comic book superhero trope that actually has a lot of character/story potential. “What if you mashed-up Marvel’s Puppet Master, The Controller, and the Black Talon…?” If he can get ahold of a DNA sample, he’ll plug it into his “cyber-voodoo-doll” and use it to inflict pain, and can do so over some pretty substantial distances. I think DC is missing out in the “ombining sci-fi tech and necromancy” department by not developing this guy further. But, as it stands now, for HeroClix: Maybe when he successfully makes a close combat attack (or a friendly character that shares a keyword does), you place a token on the opposing character’s character card (“getting that sample DNA into the cybervoodoo doll”), and then Hougan could target the character anywhere on the map with Incapacitate, with maybe a +x attack value modifier?
  • Phobia: The lady in the green and black with the high-collar cloak. Psychic, primarily with the ability to stimulate an opponent’s “fear centers” of the brain, resulting in the target hallucinating about its greatest fears. “Marvel’s Black Mamba”, almost (but not quite, given how Black Mamba’s powers actually work).
  • Madame Rouge: Description? “What if you mashed-up Marvel’s Black Widow, The Chameleon, and Machine Man?” “Stretchy” powers, but have never seen the more radical “shape-changing” that Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic or DC’s Plastic Man can do (which is why I referenced Machine Man: it’s more about “reach” and “stride” for her, I think). So, “stretchy spy.”
  • Warp: “He of the Golden Hoodie”. (1) He flies. (2) He creates “warp portals”. “Glorified Taxi”? You could *just* represent him with the {Wing} speed symbol, a good speed value, and the Phasing/Teleport power. That’d be boring, but workable. I can’t remember — in the limited number of times I’ve seen this character, mostly back in the 1980’s — if he personally actually carried anyone. If they were to make him with multiple starting lines, he begs for a power like WXM041 Spiral (WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, 2013)’s “Dimensional Portal” special power.
  • Garguax: Including him for the sake of “completeness”, because there’s nothing remarkable about this guy at all. Deposed tyrant from an alien world. Not a scientist or anything, just has his spaceship with its arsenal of alien technology, particularly weapons and his “Plastic Men” androids. Powers? Dunno. “Bystander Token generator” for his androids? He could have utility similar to, but very different than, Warp (i.e., a “Carry multiple characters” special power.) Support piece? Enhancement and Empower? Should be a Unique, but cheap-ish, between 60 and 89 points.
  • Trinity: An android from DC Comics’ version of the
    Ancient Atlantis”. One head, three faces, which she rotates through, producing various effects, one at a time. Face of Time: “Freezes” a target in place, like a super-Incapacitate. Face of War: Powerful energy beams (some RCE = PPB combo?). Face of Chaos: induces psychedelic hallucinations in targets. Mind Control? Possibly. But make what the target does more random somehow? (Limit controlling players’ choices?)
  • General Immortus: He’s a stripped-down Fu Manchu of Ra’s al-Ghul. Primarily an organizational mastermind, has lived centuries — if not millenia — thanks to an “alchemical potion” that granted a type of immortality (vastly slowed aging). Has founded and pulls the strings many underworld organizations and has access to large caches of wealth (mostly diamondsand other mineral wealth).
  • Elephant Man [not pictured]: New character, unfamiliar to me. Humanoid elephant-guy, typical “brute”. Would like to see him. Because Elephant Men army!
  • Goldilocks [not pictured]: Another new character that I’d never heard of. Looks like a “tween” girl with a power set similar to Marvel’s Medusa or DC Comics’ own Godiva. Heh. (Team idea: “Bad Hair Day.”)

That’s all I can think of for now.