“The HeroClix Atlas”

Kudos to eMouse over on HCRealms.com for this thread:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WizKids needs to delve more into affordable subscription-based apps that are tools for the players.

DON”T try to “replace” the game with a computer game (like they tried to do with HeroClix Online). Just think “eTools”. Why subscription-based? To encourage WK to keep them up to date. Gotta be things I can use on my smartphone and tablet, online and off.

Management of inventories, information on the game elements. Huge, huge, huge.

And, of course, once again, I’ll mention: “eCharacter Cards”, official, for use at tournaments, one smartphones and tablets. And, of course, once again, I’ll mention use of such an app to “issue” eCharacter Cards for clix that were produced before character cards were a thing. “RCT” [Ret-Con Traits, with their own symbole on the card] for older pieces would be great, too.

Regularly updated eCharacter Cards can also contain more info, more “sides” to the card. Like character bios, which have gone by the wayside.