This is how boring I am, because I love watching HeroClix videos:


“Deus Ex Machina”

Finally got out to see “CHAPPiE”. It was down to one screen, one showing, a 9:35pm slot.

I liked it. It’s definitely not for everyone. Like a lot of sci-fi, plays in concepts of life, identity, humanity. I liked it. I had fun with Smith’s version of “I, Robot” many years ago. “CHAPPiE” was slighty “harder” (“harsher”?) In sime respects. Again, not for everyone.

(Could have done without the swearing/vulgarity, but it’s a sign of the times. “Edgy.”)

Looking forward to the next such movie, “Ex Machina”.

Also, finally saw preview for FOX’s version of “Fantastic Four”. *excited*

EDIT: I liked the way “CHAPPiE” ended.

“Agents of SHIELD” comments.

Concerning the episode that aired 2015-03-24:

Really glad to see Edward James Olmos as this “Alt-SHIELD” organization’s Director Gonzalez. Hoping he’s not a Bad Guy. That he is really committed to [his version of] SHIELD.

One of the things that cropped up during the “Agent Carter” mini-series: The SSR’s (“Strategic Scientific Reserve”) morphing role. I mean, it was happening in the “Captain America: The First Avenger” movie anyway: The unit seemed built around the “Operation: Rebirth”/Super-Soldier Program. And after Dr. Erskine is killed and the only super-soldier gets reduced to a war bonds pitchman, it gets turned into a field unit, seemingly floundering a bit on the war front, attempting to re-orient itself as specializing in fighting HYDRA.

By the Agent Carter series, SSR seems to be just one of many fledgling intelligence agencies. If it weren’t for the theft of Howard Stark’s “super-science” tech, I could easily see it being under-funded until it gets broken up and absorbed by other government intelligence agencies.

If they continue with “Agent Carter” [hope so] they’ll have to show SSR turning into SHIELD. What role is HYDRA’s infiltration in the *creation* of SHIELD? And what is the “true believer’s” view of SHIELD, versus what the shadowy HYDRA’s view?

If Olmos’ Gonzalez is being truthful in his views about “transparency”, what is his view of SHIELD? And its role in the Marvel Universe, where even that version of the U.S. of A. has its FBI, ATF, CIA, NSA, DIA, DARPA, et cetera? That’s a lot of tax-dollars soaking in an alphabet soup, even for a fictional universe.

Comics, SHIELD’s acronym has stood for: “Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage [&] Law [-Enforcement] Division” and “Strategic Hazard Intervention/Espionage/Logistics Directorate”. In the Marvel Cinematic/TV Universe, it stands for “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, Logistics Division”.

So, what is SHIELD? Did it err under Nick Fury (and maybe previous directors) by becoming “too CIA/NSA”? Was it meant to be more “FBI + DARPA”? Couslon may have been anointed “Director” by Fury, but it’s pretty clear, Fury most valued Coulson for his skills as analyst rather than any administration skills. Hence: Coulson’s entrusted with that “database cube” thingy. Olmos’ Gonzalez wasn’t. Why?

I’m not sure Coulson as a character is cut out for administration, and trying to serve in that role is undercutting his performance as an analyst, methinks. Is that the direction the writers of the show have been going? Because it would explain a lot of the “slowness” of the show. Which could indicate an opportunity for a “peaceful transition”, Olmos’ character being “the right guy” to be director, and Coulson transitioning to investigation and analysis, particularly in the field.

The show’s been kinda “rocky and uneven” to me, but so full of potential.

Sidenote: It’s been great to finally catch up with “The Walking Dead”, via MyTV’s 2-hour blocks every Wednesday during prime time. (I have season one on DVD, and wore it out; only seen the first 3 episodes on season two up until I stumbled across MyTV. I can’t afford streaming episodes on the web/net, and my DVD player died a long time ago. AMC’s “marathons” haven’t helped, from a e standpoint; I’ve only ever had time to catch episodes during certain times of the day, and ended up re-watching episodes I’d seen before.)

One thing about both TWD and the way MyTV is showing it: TWD can take the tack of devoting an entire episode to a smaller group of its characters, two or three at a time. And the two-episode format MyTV is using is great, spending one episode with one small group, getting “invested”, then switching gears to see what another group has been up to. Characters, stories, situations, all pretty riveting.

Too bad “Agents” can’t be done the same way. Two one-hour episodes every Tuesday, plenty of time to develop characters, focus on details. But, then, maybe TWD has it “easier” in that regard? What with the “post-apocalyptic isolation and survival” setting?


Back to SHIELD: Olmos’ character in charge, on a carrier, drinking water. Love the references to BSG, but do they really have to slap you in the face with it? (Not complaining. Laughing about it, really…)