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Marvel HeroClix AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON Captain America previews. (v1.2)

Excellent!  More new AGE OF ULTRON previews up over at!


For comparison,  the previous Captain America preview —


EDIT (21015-04-06): Man, two very different, excellent interpretations of Cap, of any comics, animation, or live action movie interpretations. Incredible ingenuity in representing his use of his Vibranium alloy shield. And, I’d always wanted to see a version with 3 targets (“Lightning Bolts”) for ranged attacks, particularly if we got one with Incapacitate. But, man-o-man, that “His Enemies Fear Him” special power is [situationally] better than Incap.

“Whiskey & Water”

A favorite site I listen to, “Back story, with the American History Guys” updated and rebroadcast a show on water & American civilization recently:

“Whisky’s for drinkin’, water’s fer fightin’.”

Okay, I don’t watch as much History Channel or PBS as I used to. Mostly due to scheduling conflicts (PBS) or programming decisions (History Channel; got tired of “Pawn Stars” and the like). But, movies like “Houdini” and mini-series like “Hatfields & McCoys” make me think that History Channel could do something cool with the opening segment about Owens Valley versus Los Angeles. At the very least, we should get a PBS’ “American Experience” documentary out of it.