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Marvel HeroClix Ret-Con: Dragon Man (AVENGERS, 2007)(v1.5)


Dragon Man! Not *exactly* a supervillain, more of a “pawn”. A “Marvel Monster”, a melding of comics’ “science” and “magic”. An experiment in android technology by Prof. Gregson Gilbert, it wasn’t operational until Diablo animated it with his thaumaturgic/alchemical decoctions and potions, to commandeer the automaton to confront the Fantastic Four. Dragon Man has been portrayed as fairly docile unless ordered or provoked into combat. Can’t speak, but appears to understand when spoken to. “Dog – like” is how I think of him.

So far, HeroClix has only seen one rendering of the character, in 2007’s AVENGERS set. Clocking in at 130 points, recent changes to standard powers and various abilities in the game have worked in his favor, but he’s still not given a lot of love, considering other characters available in the 128 to 131 point value range. It’s a nice long dial, and its biggest drawback are the front-loaded stats, a very old-looking design.

Homemade “Ret-Con Trait”: “The Dragon Man” Dragon Man may use Energy Explosion and Willpower. When Dragon Man uses Energy Explosion, as the action resolves, it may use Smoke Cloud as a free action, but must place the first marker in the target’s square. Dragon Man may modify his attack value by+1 when attack an opposing character that has attack him this game. Dragon Man may modify his defense value by +2 when attacked by an opposing character that has attacked him previously this game, or has the Fantastic Four keyword.


“ReClix” Wish-List: Would love to see a new Dragon Man. Reading up on him, there could be two more versions made for the game of HeroClix.

(1) He’s been used as a “mount” in certain stories. Might be worth co-opting some Vehicle language and game effects to allow for a friendly “Dragon Man Rider”. Or,, maybe make use of Split/Merge/Duo mechanics in some way?

(2) Being a magically-powered robot, it appears he’s been reprogrammed recently, and given an intelligence upgrade. Neat. Given that physically he’s been able to go toe-to-toe with like of The Thing and The Hulk, in wonder what a smarter Dragon Man might be capable of. ..?


Apologies for the lack of a stat block, or character collage. (I’m posting from ye olde smartphone today.) Hope to remedy that in the future. Really want to post the game’s latest language for all the powers and abilities the version of Dragon Man can use.

EDIT (2015-04-11): “Collage.”

Ret-Con AV020 Dragon Man