Another night of great episodes of “The Flash” and Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Concerning S.H.I.E.L.D.: So glad Mockingbird made the comments about HYDRA still being the real enemy.


Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Joystick! (v1.1)


Janice Olivia Yanizeski, a.k.a. Joystick! Marvel supervillain-turned-Thunderbolt. Strength, speed, and agility enhanced to “Spider-Man levels”. Also wears gauntlets that generate “energy batons”. Highly skilled martial artist type. Adrenaline junkie with a mean streak. I’ve never read any of her Thunderbolts appearances, but I used to have her Spider-Man related appearances, from when she was a participant in The Great Game, which should be a keyword, and maybe an Additional Team Ability; the great game was a kind of secret super-powered “fight club” backed various shadowy rich-guys and apparently spanned the globe, with bouts taking place primarily in major cities.

Would like to see the “one point value, two different starting lines” design techniques used. One to represent her time in the Great Game, the other to represent her T-Bolts membership. Alternately, that might be primarily through Trait abilities. It’s not like her power set has ever changed much. In the Great Game, though, she was made to wear an explosive device, which the controllers of the Game could detonate. End-of-dial “stop click” special power, with a chance for a tailored “Pulse Wave” effect?

Although she could cross her batons to fire a concussive energy beam, her main schtick was close combat. Thinking: a (0) range value, single target {Bolt}. Special power to make a ranged combat attack, with a locked range of 4. Using Ranged Combat Expert? Or some combo or Precision Strike and Force Blast? Maybe *just* Force Blast?

Otherwise, she’s a Daredevil-level acrobatic martial artist with Spider-Man-level strength, speed, and agility. Improved Movement abilities?

Heh. I wonder if she’s ever considered adopting the Ronin identity?