Ex Machina: opinions [revised] (2.6)

Just got out of a 1:30pm EDT matinée of “Ex Machina”. Loved it. My kind of thing. Am reticent to reveal anything. Just want to say that it’s very good and very well done.

Did I like it better than “CHAPPiE”? Yes, but they are very different stories, told in very different ways.

CHAPPiE sort of had the achieve consciousness and a desire to survive “out in the wild” of a decaying urban sprawl and a partially collapsing human society. AVA’s environment is “cloistered”.

EDIT (2015-05-10):
Just got out of the 1:pmEDT matinée of Ex Machina. Still loving it, still very impressed.
Holds up to a repeat viewing.
I missed a couple things at the first viewing, chiefly the use if sound.