Monday, 2015-04-27: GOTHAM.
Really liking the way the story of the city is developing.
I didn’t think I would like the twist that Thomas and Martha Wayne had been murdered by a conspiracy within Wayne Enterprises, but I do. I like that Bruce has allies and mentors in Alfred and, now, Lucious Fox. Bruce has to clean up Wayne Enterprises first, to have the resources to fight crime and corruption in the redt of Gotham City later. Cleaning up W.E. could help show that Bruce’s intellect recognizes it more about “punching bad guys in t he face” (which he’ll eventually do as Batman), it’s also about reining crime in, holding it in check, about prevention through jobs and education and encouraging ethics and the common good over cynical and self-serving profiteering. 

I hope.

I like how the Nolan movies got away from the fanboy perception of “Bruce is the mask of Batman” thing. That “Batman” and “Playboy Bruce” were the masks, tools used in working short, medium, and long-term plans towards larger goals and a greater public good.

“Batman” may be about illegal vigilante-ism (sp?), but Batman could only represent 10-20% of Bruce’s activities.  Wayne Enterprises has to be profitable in order to fund “Batman’s” activities, after all.

Wayne Enterprises: WayneTech, Wayne Aerospace, the Martha Wayne Charitable Foundation, maybe a Thomas Wayne Medical University, Wayne Capital& Fiduciary Trust, other forays into crucial, fundamental areas of water, agriculture, sustainable energy, scientific research, and education coupled with civics?