Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Quantum! (v1.1)

Quantum! A very obscure Marvel comics “supervillain”, an alien soldier, powered by Earth’s sun. Gained his powers when his own alien race, the Dakkam, performed their own version of a “Super-Soldier Program” using the Earth’s sun. So, a villainous amalgamation of Marvel’s own Captain America and DC Comics’ Superman.

And now, a crappy “character collage” —


Yeah, very crappy collage. Couldn’t find much on him in the way of pictures. He’s only been in a few stories. Truth to tell, I didn’t think much of him in the comics. But, hey, “HeroClix-Brain” makes me reconsider character concepts from different angles, now and again.

Random “clix/character” thoughts:

  • A unique-ringed Rare.
  • He has Thor-level physical durability and resiliency.
  • Thor-level strength.
  • Hand-to-hand combat experience.
  • Flight.
  • Can generate a field of flame around his body for brief periods. No indication he can shoot energy blasts.
  • Q4_Physics
  • Being a layman, I’m often thankful for PBS:

    …. So, “probability-field manipulation”, ….how do we represent that in HeroClix? I plumbed the depths of various Traits and Special Powers using HCRealms’ UNITS section, including (but not limited to) versions of Marvel’s Multiple Man and DC Comics’ Multiplex.

    I can’t figure out the language quirks enough to come up with a concise and cogent definition for a power for Quantum.

    Here’s the “elements”, though, of what I’d like to see:
    –Since he’s distorting space/time to appear to be in multiple places at once, up to 6 inches away from wherever he is at any point,….
    –generating either Bystander Tokens or Special Terrain Markers is the way to start.
    –takes a power action…
    –places up to 6 such tokens/markers…
    –at least one of which must be placed next to him…
    –and they must all be placed either adjacent to another token/marker or the character, within line of fire…
    –… (similar to the way Smoke Cloud or Barrier already work)…
    –Quantum could then be given a free action to make a close combat action (or! Use the {Team} ability symbol?) from any square he or one of his duplicates occupies…
    –next turn, the tokens/markers are removed, and Quantum can be placed in any square he or one of his Duplicates occupied.
    –while his duplicates are on the map, he Masterminds damage to them, but they share his stats and defense powers.

    Kinda acting like a team of himself for one turned, but vulnerable.

    Quantum would have to be a unique, in the 150 to 200 points range. Uncommon.

    Sidenote: I used to have his original “West Coast Avengers” appearance in my collection, but gave it away a long time ago. As much of a fan as I am of writer Mark Gruenwald and hus work on Captain America and the Squadron Supreme, his work on the Marvel Handbooks, et cetera, I never jumped into his Quasar run. (I was starting to get out of regular comics buying at the time. Wish I had. And I do like Quasar as a character.) His redefining of Quantum’s duplication power is what makes Quantum appealing as a clix.

    Sidenote 2: I haven’t found any instance of Quantum using both his duplication power and his flame-aura generation power at the same time.


SLOP-y, Big, & Brainy: M.O.D.A.M & Goliath (V2.1)

YES! M.O.D.A.M. makes it into HeroClix!


Unfortunately for me, she’s part of the Marvel HeroClix Storyline Organized Play [SLOP] set, AGE OF ULTRON. Limited release set. And I don’t have time or even the skill-level to attempt to play in tournaments. (Not sure if I’ll risk going onto eBay.)

Heh. Looks great, though.

EDIT: Um, WizKids, FYI: MODAM was part of Superia’s Femizons for a stretch. Just saying. We did just finally get Superia, after all.

EDIT: Wow, completely missed this one yesterday —

MV2015-AoU-Goliath-0431Man, even more than the FEAR ITSELF SLOP, I’m regretting not playing in tournaments so I might be able to get these.

Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Captain America Fast Forces pack. (v5.0)


EDIT (2015-05-27): First posted on 2012-09-08. Revised and reposted on 2013-03-11. Revising and reposting yet again.

“Dear WizKids/NECA,…”:

WELL?!?! Where the heck is the CAPTAIN AMERICA Fast Forces?! You know, the one hinted at back in 2011?

June 2011 brought us the Marvel HeroClix CAPTAIN AMERICA Gravity feed, followed in June with a regular 5-piece booster “expansion”. It was followed in December by the Marvel HeroClix regular booster expansion, which also received a Gravity Feed set and a Fast Forces. In the IH set, we received this little “Hulked-Out Heroes” gem —

IH046 Winter Hulk plus

Some think that the next version of “Bucky Barnes as Captain America” we recieved, FI201 Captain America from the 2013 Marvel HeroClix “Storyline Organized Play” FEAR ITSELF “Blitzkrieg U.S.A” Scenario Pack, might have been meant it to be the “reversion substitute” we didn’t get when WizKids didn’t produce an actual Captain America Fast Forces. Pure speculation. Haven’t seen anything yet coming from WK in the form of errata that would indicate that.

WizKids: If you’re still entertaining ideas for a Captain America themed Fat Forces, would love to see the “Captain America Corps” storyline characters given clix-form. “Rookie” Steve Rogers, “Bucky-Cap”, U.S.Agent, American Dream, and Commander-A.

Here’s a quick “inspirational picture”, scooped up from elsewhere on the net —

CACorps_Full_MontyThe line-up is:

  • FFCA001 Captain America (Steve Rogers, WWII original costume and shield; haven’t seen a rendition of Cap in such a way since the inaugural INFINITY CHALLENGE set, 2002.)
  • FFCA002 Captain America (James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Brubaker Era Cap; no explanations needed, I think.)
  • FFCA003 USAgent (John Walker, Neo-Conservative Cap) (FYI: We’ve had at least two version of John Walker in clix: a USAgent from the 2007 AVENGERS set, and an LE from the AW215 John Walker from the 2005 ARMOR WARS set. It’s a matter of debate among clixers as to whether or not the AW set’s REV of Cap is supposed to represent Steve Rogers or John Walker (who’s also gone by the alias “Jack Daniels” in the comics).)
  • FFCA004 American Dream (From a potential alternate future, she’s the niece of perennial Cap paramour, Sharon “Agent 13” Cater of SHIELD. Fangirl of Cap, she’s honed her mind and body through intense training, and became part of A-Next. She’s used Cap’s shield, as well as small discus (similar to some throwing-discs Rogers and Monroe used in the identity of “Nomad”). )
  • FFCA005 Commander-A (Our 7′-tall Native American/Mexican-American heritage super-soldier from another alternate future, genetically-modified and utilizing two energy shields, similar to what Cap used during one of Mark Waid’s runs on the Cap title, and used again when Steve became simply “Commander Rogers of SHIELD”.)


Below is what I originally posted back on 08 SEP 2012:

Back in the 4th quarter of 2011, WizKids released the INCREDIBLE HULK set which contained a series of “chase” figures based on Marvel’s “Hulked-Out Heroes” storyline. One of the characters was “Winter Hulk”, a Hulked-out version of the James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes version of Captain America. This piece, like other “HoH” chase pieces had the following damage slot special power —

REVERT: CAPTAIN AMERICA: Give Winter Hulk a free action and replace him with a figure on a click number as listed below. Existing actions tokens on this character are applied to the replacement, which can’t be given an action this turn. If the replacement is KO’d, this character’s point value is scored instead.


CA #001 Captain America Current -1

FF:CA #002 Captain America Current -2

Pretty cool! It was sort of a “sneak peak” of an upcoming product, a CAPTAIN AMERICA Fast Forces pack. Did a “Happy Dance”.

Well, it’s now September of 2012, and we haven’t heard word one about such an FF pack from WizKids. I’ve pestered some of the WizKids higher-ups that frequent the site, but to no avail.

So, here’s my wish-list of characters I hope are in the FF:

  1. 001 Captain America (Steve Rogers). Hoping for a “multiple starting line” version, with 100-point and 80-point starting lines. Improved movement and targeting, please. Something wonky as well, like getting triple {Bolts} (“targets”) when using Incapacitate.
  2. 002 Captain America (“Bucky Cap”, as indicated above).
  3. 003 The Falcon. Not sure what I’d like to see as far as “bells & whistles”, as his double-based “Redwing-generating” version that appeared in 2011’s CAP set was really good. Would like a multiple starting line version as well.
  4. 004 Armadillo. Didn’t get the ingenuity he deserved in the CAP set version, IMHO. Needs a “tunnelling” special power, and a “Roadkill Slammer” special power. Multiple-starting lines as well?
  5. 005 Porcupine. This guy would be totally new to the game. Check out my “Wish-List” post on him for ideas.
  6. 006 Rattler. Serpent Society member. I believe I’ve “wish-listed” him as well.

Here’s to hoping.

INDY (Kurt Busiek’s “Astro City”) HeroClix Wish-List: Blue Knight (v1.2)


The Blue Knight! He “haunts” Astro City, mercilessly executing those enganged in crime, organized or petty.

[EDIT: I know the bad conduct of certain police has been the subject of a lot of news for the past few years. I’m not trying to offend anyone, apologies if I am. Just exploring a fictional character construct here.]

For anyone unfamiliar, writer Kurt Busiek’s “Astro City” is a creation of his own, with collaborative assist by various artists. It’s “superhero comic book universe”, with characters inspired by Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters we all know and love.

For a long time, it was an Independent publication, which is to say, non-Marvel, non-DC. I haven’t picked up any new trades since “The Dark Age” collection. Sounds like Busiek has partnered with DC Comics to keep it going.

I’m not going to spoil too much about the character. Or about Astro City. It’s a great series-of-mini-series, and I’ve read them after they’ve been collected and published as trade paperbacks. For the Blue Knight specifically, recommending this role-playing game fan-site entry:

Busiek not only likes to pay homage to various popular comics characters in Astro City, he also pays homage to various sub-genres, time periods, and creatives styles. Blue Knight is sort of a homage to two Marvel characters, the Ghost Rider and the Punisher, the “feel” of the 1970’s, both actual events and the popculture that sprang from it, the crime fiction and the post-psychedelic supernatual stuff.
HeroClix: Would like to see one Clix, two starting lines, two point values. A form of the “split-dial designs”, but with the two “representations” separated by K.O. slots. One, the shorter, lower-cost representation, could take the approach that Blue Knight was *simply* a highly-skilles but definitely human vigilante using high-tech equipment to appear “ghostly”. A very “Punisher” dial. The longer and higher-cost representation could be the “possessed policeman with ghostly abilites”, maybe culminating in his last few clicks of life representing the “towering ghost of vengeance”.

Could be fun.

Looking at recent clix, like Jocasta from the Marvel HeroClix ‘Storyline Organized Play’ AGE OF ULTRON release, it might be cool if he had his own “Possession/Entity” option as well. [EDIT: Was thinking about Jocasta’s keyword restrictions. What if Blue Knight was similar in that his Possession could only be used by Police keyworded characters? ]

Blue Knight is a longshot. All of the Astro City characters are longshots.

It’d be great if WizKids could work out something with Busiek and DC. Not some full-blown booster set. But, maybe two releases of three different Fast Forces packs in one year. A set if three in March, a set if three in October. Five characters each, one double-sided map each. Plenty of input from Busiek and his creative collaborators. Blue Knight could be part of a “supernatural” themed pack. Hmm. Who would he go with? The Hanged Man, definitely. That one “Chthuluic” monster. Hmm. Have to give that some more thought…

EDIT: More — herocopia
I hadn’t realized Astro City is now an ongoing title at DC.

“Fantastic Wars” (v2.1)

Had no idea the “rights-war” mentioned in the articles linked above was going on, until I stumbled across this thread over on —

My view: I understand the “why” of the tactics Marvel is taking to regain control of the character licenses they had to sell off during the 1990’s bankruptcy, but I can’t boycott things like the Fox reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR. I’m too interested to see what Fox does.

I very glad Sony reached a deal with Marvel/Disney! Spider-Man becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is great news.


EDIT: Frankly, I’d like to see Spider-Man/Fantastic Four/Avengers/Defenders/Inhumans all share the same MCU. But, I’d like all the X-Men stuff to be it’s own MCU.

Yeah, yeah, I know, “But, they should have movies where all the characters can share the screen!” Meh. Mutants always seem to crowd-out the MU. They can support themselves in their own narrative universe. DC Comics fans have been enjoying a “multiverse” since the first “Crisis” stories with an “Earth One/Earth Two” thing going on. It exploded from there.

Marvel could have two really distinct but similar “universes” of it’s own, not just “What If….?”‘s. Both could share the Celestials machinations. Where they diverge? The effect of the Celestials tampering with humanity’s genetic code, the addition of the “X-factor”. Both realities mutants are possible. BUT….

In one, you have the Eternals and the Deviants fighting each other, eventually reducing themselves in population, maybe eventually fleeing Earth, leaving it open for the Kree and the Skrulls to tamper with Humanity and create some of the first Inhumans. Things tend to roll sporadically from there. Until WWII. Suddenly, “mainstream humanity” is rapidly growing technologically, creating super-soldier and eventually cracking the atom. Then the Space Race, the Arms Race, and the Inhumans can’t hide from either Humanity or the effects of “globalization”. But, they’re kinda a minority, trying to keep the competing “nations” of Humans from blowing each other up. Existential threat, but it’s human-created superhumans/robots/genetic monstrosities against each other, probably with Earth being a “Third World” proxy stage for intergalactic powers.

In the other, maybe the Eternals and Deviants annihilated each other, the Kree/Skrull “intergalactic Cold War proxy contest” that would create the Inhumans never came to Earth, and — aside from certain “random mutations” in ancient times resulting in “mythical heroes and monsters” — nothing really came of the “X-gene” until more modern times. In the present day, normal humanity is fearing the rise of all these “Mutants” popping up out of nowhere. The existential evolutionary war is beginning.

Both have stories to tell.