Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Commanda! (v1.1)

Commanda. Marvel Villainess. Spider-Man foe. First appeared during the 1990’s, but “ret-conned” into Spidey’s history as a villain he had faced-off against some time during his first couple of years of costumed heroics. Wears a suit of highly adaptable armor, and the “tiara”/”crown” headpiece is a cybernetic interface she uses to control a swarm of small drone/bots. The drones can operate independently or combine into various forms.They could fire energy beams, and provide her flying transportation.


WizKids is putting out a lot of “never before clixed” characters, and she’s one I’d like to see. I believe I still have here first appearance locked away with my comics collection. Taking a gander around the interwebz, wow, she hasn’t appeared much since then. One other notable appearance during the “Superhero Civil War” and that’s about it. And, she’s kept to the “jewel thief” modus operandi. No indication she’s the maker of her own tech, just an adept user of her own hardware.

I’m just going to toss the names of certain clixed characters out there, and see if you can tell where I’m going with all of this: Superior Spider-Man and his Spider-Bots (Mk.’s I and II)(2014 Marvel Heroclix DEADPOOL set); Batman and his Flocks of Bats (Black, Brown, and Grey) or Geo-Force (DC Comics HeroClix BATMAN set, 2012); Rick Jones, or Red Wolf [& Lobo] (2015’s AVENGERS ASSEMBLE set).
Yep, I like what WizKids’ Game Design has been doing with “Attachable/Removable” 3D “Bystander Tokens” and with Bystander Token “generation” powers.

Might not have to go that far with her, though that’s what I’d prefer. She could just have a series of Special Power variants on terrain marker generating powers. Not *just* Smoke Cloud or Barrier, but also yet another chance for WizKids to bring back the “Web” marker (or, Web/Snare, as I’ve been calling it). Plenty of experimentation done of late with terrain markers. Including being able to draw lines of fire from them.

No one’s clamoring for her, but she has the potential to be another fun clix.