HeroClix: Avengers ID cards, and expansion of that concept.

Current thread in the “Dear WizKids” forum, some of the more devoted DC Comics fans wanting something similar to the Marvel AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. sets’ “Avengers ID card” game mechanics for use with DC characters. —

For a primer on the ID cards — http://heroclix.com/marvel-heroclix/marvel-heroclix-avengers-id-cards/#axzz3a86pHoeH

Plucking some comments from the HCR thread–

Hatut Zeraze: I say let this be a Marvel thing.
Ebontail: It’s based on A well established marvel theme, why force it into DC? Or X-men? Or anything else? Besides after three straight sets I expect it will be quite played out.
Baron Impossible: I’m fine with it being marvel only. But if it were to be dc, the way that makes the most sense is for it to be villainous: suicide squad bringing in “expendable” recruits. They only last 1 turn, after all…

I decided to chime in–

As more of a Marvel fan, my immediate thought was the above. But,… I don’t see why the DC-side couldn’t have a similar “summoning/casting” effect. I like the idea of Checkmate or ARGUS or Suicide ID cards, for the DC guys & gals. Maybe even the Legion of Super-Heroes. ….also, since someone brought up Suicide Squad for DC, and other “Marvel villains” options for ID cards?

When I mentioned “summoning/casting” I was thinking about stuff going on with other games, the “card-flopper” games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon. Or even the “match three” puzzle game I play on my smartphone: Marvel PuzzleQuest. It has “team-ups” that operate much the same way “in spirit” [naive opinion] to the new HeroClix Avengers ID cards.

It’s a fun new mechanic/game effect. Yes, it could probably be applied in other ways.
Getting back to Marvel supervillains and and the aesthetic presentation of “ID cards”,…. HYDRA? A.I.M.? Secret Empire?