HeroClix Wish-List: “Token Packs” (v1.2)


Don’t know who made the suggestion to WizKids that “poker chip-sized action tokens with pictures of your favorite Marvel characters on them” were a great idea, but God bless them. Loving mine. And whoever made the suggestion to *NOT* sell them in “Starter Packs” is also a genius.

Opinion: Starter Packs/Sets as some sort of “all-in-one” should die.
Opinion: Keep doing the two-character Quick-Start Kits; non-blind, two clix characters with character cards, mini-map? Perfect.
Opinion: Dice & Tokens Packs? With the poker chip-sized tokens having pictures of popular characters on one side and a cool symbol on the other, for use as an action token during gameplay? Packaged with a pair of themed dice? Excellent. Keep popping out one or two of these a year, please.
Opinion: I think I posted about this back when the AVG Starters gave us the first poker-tokens, but I think it would be cool to get Object Tokens and Terrain Markers done the same way. One pack per year of each of the following packs: (1) Object Token Pack, containing one Ultra-Light, two Light, two Heavy, and one Ultra-Heavy tokens (either with pictures of different objects on each side, or the HeroClix logo, so they can pull double-duty as Action Tokens); (2) Special Object Token Pack, full of fun, theme-y tokens; (3) Terrain Marker Pack, standard Hindering, Barrier, Water, Rubble, and *Special* markers; (4) Special Terrain Markers (let the possibilities boggle your noodle for awhile).
Opinion: WizKids’ Rules Forum? Needs to become a “living rulebook” and “living character gallery”.

I’ve talked about that last one before, tossed out various ideas. It’s worth tossing out some more ideas for. Later.