INDY (Kurt Busiek’s “Astro City”) HeroClix Wish-List: Blue Knight (v1.2)


The Blue Knight! He “haunts” Astro City, mercilessly executing those enganged in crime, organized or petty.

[EDIT: I know the bad conduct of certain police has been the subject of a lot of news for the past few years. I’m not trying to offend anyone, apologies if I am. Just exploring a fictional character construct here.]

For anyone unfamiliar, writer Kurt Busiek’s “Astro City” is a creation of his own, with collaborative assist by various artists. It’s “superhero comic book universe”, with characters inspired by Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters we all know and love.

For a long time, it was an Independent publication, which is to say, non-Marvel, non-DC. I haven’t picked up any new trades since “The Dark Age” collection. Sounds like Busiek has partnered with DC Comics to keep it going.

I’m not going to spoil too much about the character. Or about Astro City. It’s a great series-of-mini-series, and I’ve read them after they’ve been collected and published as trade paperbacks. For the Blue Knight specifically, recommending this role-playing game fan-site entry:

Busiek not only likes to pay homage to various popular comics characters in Astro City, he also pays homage to various sub-genres, time periods, and creatives styles. Blue Knight is sort of a homage to two Marvel characters, the Ghost Rider and the Punisher, the “feel” of the 1970’s, both actual events and the popculture that sprang from it, the crime fiction and the post-psychedelic supernatual stuff.
HeroClix: Would like to see one Clix, two starting lines, two point values. A form of the “split-dial designs”, but with the two “representations” separated by K.O. slots. One, the shorter, lower-cost representation, could take the approach that Blue Knight was *simply* a highly-skilles but definitely human vigilante using high-tech equipment to appear “ghostly”. A very “Punisher” dial. The longer and higher-cost representation could be the “possessed policeman with ghostly abilites”, maybe culminating in his last few clicks of life representing the “towering ghost of vengeance”.

Could be fun.

Looking at recent clix, like Jocasta from the Marvel HeroClix ‘Storyline Organized Play’ AGE OF ULTRON release, it might be cool if he had his own “Possession/Entity” option as well. [EDIT: Was thinking about Jocasta’s keyword restrictions. What if Blue Knight was similar in that his Possession could only be used by Police keyworded characters? ]

Blue Knight is a longshot. All of the Astro City characters are longshots.

It’d be great if WizKids could work out something with Busiek and DC. Not some full-blown booster set. But, maybe two releases of three different Fast Forces packs in one year. A set if three in March, a set if three in October. Five characters each, one double-sided map each. Plenty of input from Busiek and his creative collaborators. Blue Knight could be part of a “supernatural” themed pack. Hmm. Who would he go with? The Hanged Man, definitely. That one “Chthuluic” monster. Hmm. Have to give that some more thought…

EDIT: More — herocopia
I hadn’t realized Astro City is now an ongoing title at DC.