Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Captain America Fast Forces pack. (v5.0)


EDIT (2015-05-27): First posted on 2012-09-08. Revised and reposted on 2013-03-11. Revising and reposting yet again.

“Dear WizKids/NECA,…”:

WELL?!?! Where the heck is the CAPTAIN AMERICA Fast Forces?! You know, the one hinted at back in 2011?

June 2011 brought us the Marvel HeroClix CAPTAIN AMERICA Gravity feed, followed in June with a regular 5-piece booster “expansion”. It was followed in December by the Marvel HeroClix regular booster expansion, which also received a Gravity Feed set and a Fast Forces. In the IH set, we received this little “Hulked-Out Heroes” gem —

IH046 Winter Hulk plus

Some think that the next version of “Bucky Barnes as Captain America” we recieved, FI201 Captain America from the 2013 Marvel HeroClix “Storyline Organized Play” FEAR ITSELF “Blitzkrieg U.S.A” Scenario Pack, might have been meant it to be the “reversion substitute” we didn’t get when WizKids didn’t produce an actual Captain America Fast Forces. Pure speculation. Haven’t seen anything yet coming from WK in the form of errata that would indicate that.

WizKids: If you’re still entertaining ideas for a Captain America themed Fat Forces, would love to see the “Captain America Corps” storyline characters given clix-form. “Rookie” Steve Rogers, “Bucky-Cap”, U.S.Agent, American Dream, and Commander-A.

Here’s a quick “inspirational picture”, scooped up from elsewhere on the net —

CACorps_Full_MontyThe line-up is:

  • FFCA001 Captain America (Steve Rogers, WWII original costume and shield; haven’t seen a rendition of Cap in such a way since the inaugural INFINITY CHALLENGE set, 2002.)
  • FFCA002 Captain America (James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Brubaker Era Cap; no explanations needed, I think.)
  • FFCA003 USAgent (John Walker, Neo-Conservative Cap) (FYI: We’ve had at least two version of John Walker in clix: a USAgent from the 2007 AVENGERS set, and an LE from the AW215 John Walker from the 2005 ARMOR WARS set. It’s a matter of debate among clixers as to whether or not the AW set’s REV of Cap is supposed to represent Steve Rogers or John Walker (who’s also gone by the alias “Jack Daniels” in the comics).)
  • FFCA004 American Dream (From a potential alternate future, she’s the niece of perennial Cap paramour, Sharon “Agent 13” Cater of SHIELD. Fangirl of Cap, she’s honed her mind and body through intense training, and became part of A-Next. She’s used Cap’s shield, as well as small discus (similar to some throwing-discs Rogers and Monroe used in the identity of “Nomad”). )
  • FFCA005 Commander-A (Our 7′-tall Native American/Mexican-American heritage super-soldier from another alternate future, genetically-modified and utilizing two energy shields, similar to what Cap used during one of Mark Waid’s runs on the Cap title, and used again when Steve became simply “Commander Rogers of SHIELD”.)


Below is what I originally posted back on 08 SEP 2012:

Back in the 4th quarter of 2011, WizKids released the INCREDIBLE HULK set which contained a series of “chase” figures based on Marvel’s “Hulked-Out Heroes” storyline. One of the characters was “Winter Hulk”, a Hulked-out version of the James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes version of Captain America. This piece, like other “HoH” chase pieces had the following damage slot special power —

REVERT: CAPTAIN AMERICA: Give Winter Hulk a free action and replace him with a figure on a click number as listed below. Existing actions tokens on this character are applied to the replacement, which can’t be given an action this turn. If the replacement is KO’d, this character’s point value is scored instead.


CA #001 Captain America Current -1

FF:CA #002 Captain America Current -2

Pretty cool! It was sort of a “sneak peak” of an upcoming product, a CAPTAIN AMERICA Fast Forces pack. Did a “Happy Dance”.

Well, it’s now September of 2012, and we haven’t heard word one about such an FF pack from WizKids. I’ve pestered some of the WizKids higher-ups that frequent the HCRealms.com site, but to no avail.

So, here’s my wish-list of characters I hope are in the FF:

  1. 001 Captain America (Steve Rogers). Hoping for a “multiple starting line” version, with 100-point and 80-point starting lines. Improved movement and targeting, please. Something wonky as well, like getting triple {Bolts} (“targets”) when using Incapacitate.
  2. 002 Captain America (“Bucky Cap”, as indicated above).
  3. 003 The Falcon. Not sure what I’d like to see as far as “bells & whistles”, as his double-based “Redwing-generating” version that appeared in 2011’s CAP set was really good. Would like a multiple starting line version as well.
  4. 004 Armadillo. Didn’t get the ingenuity he deserved in the CAP set version, IMHO. Needs a “tunnelling” special power, and a “Roadkill Slammer” special power. Multiple-starting lines as well?
  5. 005 Porcupine. This guy would be totally new to the game. Check out my “Wish-List” post on him for ideas.
  6. 006 Rattler. Serpent Society member. I believe I’ve “wish-listed” him as well.

Here’s to hoping.