Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Quantum! (v1.1)

Quantum! A very obscure Marvel comics “supervillain”, an alien soldier, powered by Earth’s sun. Gained his powers when his own alien race, the Dakkam, performed their own version of a “Super-Soldier Program” using the Earth’s sun. So, a villainous amalgamation of Marvel’s own Captain America and DC Comics’ Superman.

And now, a crappy “character collage” —


Yeah, very crappy collage. Couldn’t find much on him in the way of pictures. He’s only been in a few stories. Truth to tell, I didn’t think much of him in the comics. But, hey, “HeroClix-Brain” makes me reconsider character concepts from different angles, now and again.

Random “clix/character” thoughts:

  • A unique-ringed Rare.
  • He has Thor-level physical durability and resiliency.
  • Thor-level strength.
  • Hand-to-hand combat experience.
  • Flight.
  • Can generate a field of flame around his body for brief periods. No indication he can shoot energy blasts.
  • Q4_Physics
  • Being a layman, I’m often thankful for PBS: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/blogs/physics/2015/05/quantum-word-real-world-thing/

    …. So, “probability-field manipulation”, ….how do we represent that in HeroClix? I plumbed the depths of various Traits and Special Powers using HCRealms’ UNITS section, including (but not limited to) versions of Marvel’s Multiple Man and DC Comics’ Multiplex.

    I can’t figure out the language quirks enough to come up with a concise and cogent definition for a power for Quantum.

    Here’s the “elements”, though, of what I’d like to see:
    –Since he’s distorting space/time to appear to be in multiple places at once, up to 6 inches away from wherever he is at any point,….
    –generating either Bystander Tokens or Special Terrain Markers is the way to start.
    –takes a power action…
    –places up to 6 such tokens/markers…
    –at least one of which must be placed next to him…
    –and they must all be placed either adjacent to another token/marker or the character, within line of fire…
    –… (similar to the way Smoke Cloud or Barrier already work)…
    –Quantum could then be given a free action to make a close combat action (or! Use the {Team} ability symbol?) from any square he or one of his duplicates occupies…
    –next turn, the tokens/markers are removed, and Quantum can be placed in any square he or one of his Duplicates occupied.
    –while his duplicates are on the map, he Masterminds damage to them, but they share his stats and defense powers.

    Kinda acting like a team of himself for one turned, but vulnerable.

    Quantum would have to be a unique, in the 150 to 200 points range. Uncommon.

    Sidenote: I used to have his original “West Coast Avengers” appearance in my collection, but gave it away a long time ago. As much of a fan as I am of writer Mark Gruenwald and hus work on Captain America and the Squadron Supreme, his work on the Marvel Handbooks, et cetera, I never jumped into his Quasar run. (I was starting to get out of regular comics buying at the time. Wish I had. And I do like Quasar as a character.) His redefining of Quantum’s duplication power is what makes Quantum appealing as a clix.

    Sidenote 2: I haven’t found any instance of Quantum using both his duplication power and his flame-aura generation power at the same time.