HeroClix Tinkering: “Barrier” (v1.1)

Current definition (2015-06) of the standard HeroClix defense slot power Barrier : Give this character a power action; place up to 4 blocking terrain markers in distinct, adjacent squares of clear terrain that are all within this character’s range (minimum range value 4). At least one of the terrain markers must be within line of fire when it is placed. The terrain markers remain until the beginning of your next turn.

It’s a great power.

Point of this post? I like to tinker with the game mechanics, the game effects. My amateur stuff. Imagine where the game might be heading. That sort of thing.

For standard powers, I’d like to assume that the game designers might keep the cost of a standard power the same, while adding more options to it over time. I love what they’ve done with Smoke Cloud and Force Blast for example.

Things that might be neat and appropriate to add to Barrier:
(1) option to take a double power action instead, and either (a) place an additional 2 marker in the normal manner or (b) place the normal 4 marker in any terrain except blocking terrain or walled terrain.
(2) or maybe a double power action to place two markers anywhere, destroying any non-clear terrain..?
(3) maybe a “if character has two or more action tokens, may take a free action instead. Character has Energy Shield/Deflection instead until the beginning of your next turn”?

Certain Special Power or Trait conditions could deny use of any additional options, as appropriate to the character.

Do all these suggested potential options seem like reasonable additions to a “superhero genre” strategy game? Consistent with the spirit of the game?