Marvel HeroClix Ret-Con: Rhino (SINISTER 2006)(v7.2)

EDIT (2015-06-28): Originally posted 2011-0902. Since then, a lot of changes to the game and newer versions of Rhino have rendered my homemade “Ret-Con Trait” to the SINISTER (2006) set’s R/E/V/LE moot. So, I’m going to go “gallery”, and show all the versions of Rhino that I’m aware of currently in the game as of this edit date, finishing with two (2) RCT’s, one for the SIN version, and one the CRITICAL MASS (2003) “Ultimates Universe” comics’ version R/E/V/LE. RCT’s are “imbedded” into the collages. Reminder: For these zero-cost “Ret-Con Traits”, I like to use existing powers or abilities language.
dp062 Rhino Zombie


ASM 2013 RhinoS

Ret-Con Trait SIN Rhino v2

Ret-Con Trait CM Rhino