“The Next Baron Strucker” (from the NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. set for 2015)

Latest preview today over on heroclix.com —

MV26-Baron-Strucker-060Comments at a later time…..

mtio-031-hydra (2)Baron-Wolfgang-von-Strucker


Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Preview: Plan Chu, a.k.a “The Golden Claw”! (v1.2)

YES! Big want over the years, a “Fu Manchu”-style badass is finally coming to clix, as previewed today over on heroclix.com: The Golden Claw!


I hope that this won’t be the only time we get him, but, man, finally, he’s in The Game!

EDIT: Although I like the depiction here — one popular late 1960’s through the mid 1980’s — I do wish they could have done a “robe and hat” version. It was a style from the 1950’s, and seen again in Jeff Parker/Leonard Kirk’s “Agents of Atlas” 2006 mini-series.

Then again, they could always do a version in the future with a sculpt like that, and make him more of a “behind the scenes” character-as-Resource-dial kinda thing.

EDIT II: You know, as far as the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” goes…. Marvel Studios is doing a “Dr. Strange” movie. Presumably it mixes Ditko/1960’s psychedlia, 1970’s “The Exorcist”/”The Omen” occult/horror, and more modern sensibilities.

Could Marvel do a movie or TV “MAOS” episodes with the “Agents of Atlas”? Maybe make AoA sort of its analog of “Hellboy & the B.P.R.D. [Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense]”? Mike Mignola/Dark Horse Comics/Guillermo del Toro had a cool way of mixing European folklore, Victorian Era occultism, WWII-era grit and grime. AOAtlas could be very cool. [Heh, the “Hellboy” movie theme music is running through my Mind’s Ear right now.]

Whoa, completely missed this yesterday over on heroclix.com:



Excellent! The “NFAOS” set is looking good (what little we’ve seen of it).

Makes me want to see that “Nick Fury: Rogue Nation” movie that’s coming out soon. Oh, wait, sorry, I’m thinking of the latest “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE” movie that — like the previous two in the series — just *seems* like it could’ve been some sort of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” movie….

JURASSIC WORLD. Just took my two nephews to an 11:05am matinée. [Finally. Thought I might be able unable to see it in theaters. Missing opening weekend usually means I miss it, scheduling and cash conflicts and such.]

Twas Awe-Some. Period.

Edit (2015-07-28): editing again to clarify. Hazards of posting via phone.

AoU SLOP-y “Heroes for Hire” preview: “Power Man” & Iron Fist (plus a Jewel) (from heroclix.com)


SWEET! New versions of these are always welcome.
(And now maybe some older versions might need some “homemade Ret-Con Trait” treatment….)

Aside: Playing the “match 3 RPG” app on my smartphone called Marvel PuzzleQuest, I get a lot of use out of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Am hoping that they eventually make a Misty Knight & Colleen Wing “duo character” for MPQ, but a Jessica Jones/Jewel character could be cool, too.

EDIT: Blast from the Past!