Been following this thread over on concerning the FOX “Fantastic Four” movie:

Well, I won’t be able to see F4 this weekend anyway. Will have to shoot for next weekend. Sounds like FOX tried, but doesn’t sound like a success.

And it sounds like it’s coming down to characters. Agree with those that say the FF are a “family”. That’s one aspect. It’s bern brought up before in many places how they were Marvel Comics “first” superhero team, created as Marvel transitioned from the “Atlas Comics” era of sci-fi anthologies and “monster comics” of the 1950’s and took inspiration from the Cold War “Space Race”.

If Marvel Studios does bring them into b the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” fold, how do they do that? This latest movie mixed the “F4 as teenage prodigies experimenting with teleportation technology” beats of the Bendis/Millar “Ultimate” line reboot of the early 2000’s. Sounds like it went really “dark”, and the group doesn’t have a “family” feel or cohesion.

For the MCU: They should be directly under government control. “Explorers”, “troubleshooters”, “private industry” should still be part of the mix, along with “family of friends”. I suppose the U.S. government in general, and SHIELD in particular, would want to lock them in to long-term employment (or worse) out of the usual mix of fear and “never let go of a potential asset” behaviors. But, it would be cool to mix “public and private sector tensions”; F4 are ((Tesla * Space-X)+Google)^10. It’s one of the reasons that (1960’s? 1970’s?) Marvel had the very “NYC Wall Street patent-sharking firm” called the Gideon Trust trying to take them over.

What if they are kept as teens? But, ambitious as a group? Mix the space rockets with the “warping” teleportation tech? Keep Doom out of it for now.

Hmm. I still need to see the new movie, so I can break it down, take a look at everything, salvage some components. As a fanboy.