Range: 10
Cosmic, Deity, Monster, Mystical, Ruler

Mystics, Power Cosmic

(Special) Emerge Through Your Greatest Champion:
At the beginning of the game, choose the highest point opposing character. As long as that character is not KO’d, at the beginning of each of your turns, heal Shuma-Gorath of 1 damage.
(Special) Dark God of the Cancerverse:
Shuma-Gorath can use Flurry and Plasticity. When this character is given an action that includes a close combat attack, all squares within a range of 5 and line of fire are considered adjacent.
(Attack) Tentacle Attack:
Shuma-Gorath can use Incapacitate as a free action. When he does, he targets up to 5 characters within 5 squares and line of fire that have action tokens.


I downloaded a new app to my phone the other day: “HeroClix Manager”.
Has a “share” feature. The above is what it gave me when I clicked the WordPress option. May or may not get more use out of this feature. Undecided.