Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. ramblings (v1.7)

Picked all my Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. pre-orders from a local comic and games shop last Thursday. Finally had continuous block of time on Sunday to open it all up.

POSITIVES: Character selection was broad and varied, and the dial designs look like a lot of fun. The “alternate ‘a’ & ‘b’ dials and sculpts” seems like a kind of smoke cloud obsuring the size of the set.

Great to finally see Blackwing, Blackout, Man-Killer, Miss America, The Whizzer, and many more characters make it into the game.

Floored by all the HYDRA “heads”. Since I don’t keep up with modern comics anymore, it was fun to read up of the latest version of Viper, refresh my memory on Commander Kraken, and find out about this new “Hive” character. More “Bad Guys” is Good Stuff in HeroClix, so bring them on!

Great to get an updated version of U.S.Agent, as well. Still have his first appearances in my dwindling comics collection. He’s a jerk, but you have to respect the skills.

Really glad I pulled a Steve Rogers. Loving the new Bucky and Winter Soldier interpretations, too.

And, I love “generics” — effective lower-point team-filler clix. Marvel set’s’re always a pleasure. I like the inclusion of these “Identification Cards” as “freebies”.

Was skeptical about this whole “build-a-clix” thing. Still am. Not generally for it. Still, I got lucky and pulled all the pieces for it, as well as the version of Iron Man that the Hulk-Buster Mk II works with. I do like the fact that they made the individual “armor modules” double as Heavy objects.

“Mr. Negative sez”: The “booster lottery” rears its ugly head. Didn’t pull Captain America (Sam “The Falcon” Wilson). Or Golden Claw. Or either the Avengers Skycycle or Cap’s Motorcycle vehicles.

Will post more comments as they come to mind.

EDIT (2015-08-18): To be clear, I love this set. I’m picking nits.

I did want provide a link to a thread on the HCREALMS.COM forums concerning this new set and “value”:

Interesting points-of-view. Only one I agree with whole-heartedly is a comment about how all “generics” should be “two starting lines/same point-cost” style designs similar to the 2011 CAPTAIN AMERICA single-figure “countertop display” boosters’ “generics”. I’ve mentioned that over and over again on this blog.

I do agree somewhat that the “build-a-clix” taking up a slot that would otherwise have gone to a single character is a bit of a letdown, and probably wouldn’t be enticing to a new player that had just plunked down the coin for two boosters.

BUT! But, I think it would have been cool if all pieces had been in one booster, with the Iron Man it plays with. That would also have been a cool pull for a sealed game. Could have done one booster like that per case. (Aside: I wonder if the build-a-clix was originally designed to be an “action pack”? Like the XMDOFP SENTINEL? Dunno.)

Sidenote: Getting a new Jimmy Woo and hunting down Golden Claw, I really hope WizKids does another Captain America themed set, with Serpent Society/Serpent Squad and Agents of Atlas sub-themes. Yeah. *Plethora* of characters there to plumb, both new and “a remake would be welcome” ones.

VEHICLES: Want include link to HCR SaturnFlight’s article: