HeroClix Wish-List: Marvel’s Droog! (& Gremlin) (v1.1)

Ah, Droog! A minor Marvel Monster, minion of Soviet-era big-headed “mad scientist” The Gremlin! Yeah, I want to see Gremlin make it into the game, but this post is about Droog. He looks like an anthropormorphized Triceratops, and he talks like a certain DC Comics’ character named Etrigan the Demon. And he can go toe-to-toe with the Hulk (depending on the writer).

I was thinking about “themes” for future HeroClix sets that I’d like to see. The two “big ideas” I tend hope see combined in a set are “Marvel Monsters & Villains.” Although my biggest “want” is to see another Captain America set that also includes the various Serpent Societies and Serpent Squads and a lot of villains he’s faced off against (in his own comic, and everywhere else), I can’t say a “Bring on the Bad Guys!” set full of monsters and villains would be turned away.

And when I think about the “Marvel Monsters”, there’s a lot of potential Giant and Colossal clix. Stuff that might have to be some sort of variant on “build-a-clix”. (Shogun Warriors, Red Ronin, and more.)

Droog could easily be a Giant on a “peanut” double-base, along the lines of the 2007 MUTATIONS & MONSTERS set’s Devil Dinosaur & Moon-Boy duo figure.

EDIT: To the suggestions imbedded into the “collage” below, add Plasticity.

HC Wish-List Droog