Random ideas (v1.1)

They’ve posted a link to YouTube video of this past weekend’s “WizKids Allaince Open House 2015” presentation, showcasing 2016 WK products: http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showpost.php?p=8460081&postcount=1


Was rereading a team-build strategy article over on heroclix.com — http://heroclix.com/strategy-article/marvel-heroclix-captain-america-twenty-first-century-blitz-strategy/
Fun article. Very glad WizKids is keeping up with the blog as well.

The Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. set has been great. I’ve kept my pulls arrayed on my desk at home, randomly plucking figures and cards out to read and ponder the possibilities. It’s about time to finish recording what I have, though, and get them stored properly. I’ll keep them out one more weekend, check the budget, see if I can afford to snag a few more singles off of T&T to pad-out my roster.

With recent real-life events, including but not limited to circumstances necessitating purchase of another vehicle, I’m finally reducing the amount of money I’m spending on HeroClix. I am happy to finally make these changes.

THE PLAN: To continue to buy the same amount of Marvel HeroClix (but, reducing “blind” purchases and buying singles instead, to round-out my rosters more quickly), and stop buying any “blind” DC Comics HeroClix. I haven’t pre-ordered any of the SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN “blind” regular boosters. Not one booster, brick, or case. I *did* pre-order two of the non-blind Fast Forces tied to it, though.

I’m not sure how others spend money on the game, what the most-typical budgeting strategies are. But, I’ve supported this game a lot via my dollar. Past time to ratchet the “Please don’t let the game die!” Panicked Fanatic-level spending back.

Conundrum: I believe this game survives on the strength of a continually refined game “engine” and broad character selection. WizKids may have had to “force” the more competetive tournament players to keep buying new stuff with “Modern” and “Storyline Organized Play” formats over the decade-plus since the game’s debut, but I’ve continued to buy based on both popular and “obscure” (to the general public/casual comics fan) characters, and the continued evolution of the game. It seems to me the rarity-level scheme and the “blind booster” model have helped this somewhat; the need to provide something “special” at different “levels of difficulty” to aquire has been best suited to “blind” product. I assume, anyway.

I do wonder what would happen if: (1) WizKids only used the “blind booster” model for Storyline Organized Play releases (recent examples: Marvel HeroClix FEAR ITSELF and AGE OF ULTRON events, and DC Comics HeroClix WAR OF LIGHT), and (2) approached its Fast Forces as more like “sets of Fast Forces”.

To elaborate:

  • Release a “set of Fast Forces” twice a year.
  • Each “set” has a character selection as broad as traditional/recent “blind sets”, but with each FF having characters that for a cohesive team/force right out of the package (“duh,” right?).
  • Like buying a case of action figures, one “case” of FF’s would have one of each Fast Force, plus a “Starter Pack” (that would *just* be Rulebook, Powers & Abilities Card, and two double-sided maps).
  • Each FF would have characters only found in that FF.
  • Recommend varying the amount of figures in each FF, then “pad” the FF accordingly. Ex.: Mole Man and Moloids team in one FF, consisting of Mole
  • Example: If the recent NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. set had been done this way (and we probably wouldn’t have seen “sculpt re-use” and “A & B” variations).
  • We’ll assume the “Agents of SHIELD” FF would have stayed the same (the other representations that appeared in the 5-figure boosters, then, either wouldn’t have appeared, or those dials could have been part of a “split-dial/multiple starting line” design, or SwitchClix).
  • Two Hydra-themed FF’s: (1) Imperial Hydra, the modern twist on Viper, Agent H, and two Hydra Recruits, maybe Madame Hydra. (2) Hive (poker chip tokens for his “Parasites”?), Kraken, Hydra Section Chief, two Hydra Field Agents, and one Hydra Infiltrator (with Annihil-Agent split-dial?)
  • “Villains”: Dr. Demonicus (with “poker chip” tokens for the monsters he “summons”?), Blackwing, Blackout, Man-Killer.
  • Invaders FF: (1) Whizzer, Ms. America, Spitfire, Union Jack, Radiance, U.S.Agent. (I like Blazing Skull, but he could have waited for another set.)
  • Another SHIELD-themed FF, but probably dropping a lot of the “generics” (pains me to say that, since I like generic-fodder), but one with Peggy Carter (kept as “Prime”), 60’s Nick Fury, Dum-Dum Dugan, Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, and a couple other would have been cool.
  • Golden Claw vs. Jimmy Woo. Would have been cool to have either Agents of Atlas, or stick with a 50’s/60’s theme for both. Each would have two “allies” of some sort.

………… Or any other variations.

There were a lot of character in NFAOSHIELD. A lot of great Super-Rares, too, and the new Vehicles. And the “Build-A-Clix” Hulkbuster Mk II with mechanics for that set’s Iron Man. And the ID Cards…. Drat. My idea just fell apart. Well, keeping this post anyway