Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Vehicles!

Last Friday, WizKids posted a strategy article to the site featuring three of the vehicles from the recent Marvel HeroClix NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. “regular blind booster” expansion set: Fun/good article. I’m only goingto re-post the vehicles here —

FINAL-MV26-NFAOS-Preview-sheet_Page_76-copyMV26-Avengers-Sky-cycleMV26-SHIELD-Space-RigOf the above, the only one I haven’t acquired yet is the SHIELD Space Rig. I hope WizKids does a strategy article for the remaining Vehicles from NFAOS. Many complain about “previews after a set’s release”, but it seems like that whatchamacallit, the “long tail of advertising” thing? (Reminding people of what cool stuff just hit the shelves, rather than letting the “Done, done, on to the next one!” crowd divert everyone’s attention with immediate cries for previews/info on the *next* set coming down the pike.)

Brief Wish-List for more Marvel HeroClix Vehicles.

Now that WizKids Game Design Team has done an awesome refinememt of the Vehicles rules/mechanics, would like to reiterate some hopes for future Vehicles, to wit:

  • Red Ronin or (if they can get the licensing) the Shogun Warriors. Like the recent Hulkbuster Mark II, they could be “Build-A-Clix” as well as Vehicles.
  • Big Wheel (It’s seen some modern appearances).
  • “Spider-Mobile” (IIRC: created as a toy, then tied into the Spider-Man books, way back in the 1970’s)
  • Ghost Rider’s Motor Cycle (the Danny Ketch one, at least as I remember from the 1980’s; they could get really wonky with such a “possessed” vehicle. I’ll have to read-up to see if the Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider uses it, of still “conjures” his versions from “mystical Hellfire” like back in the 1970’s. I have no clue about the more-modern female Ghost Rider, need to read-up on her as well.)
  • An Avengers Sky-Cycle for  Captain America. Hawkeye wasn’t the only Avenger to use one regularly.
  • That “Kirby-Tech” contraption The Thing used to ride like a sky-cycle.
  • Some version of the “Fantasticar”.
  • Meteor Man/The Looter’s “Balloon-Pack” (Bwha-hahahahahahaha!)
  • Green Goblin’s or Hobgoblin’s “Goblin Glider”.
  • Jack-O-Lantern’s “Pogo-Platform” (It gets described as a hovercraft now, but it used to be some sort of “repulsor-tech” derivative, and he’d use it to bounce from surface to surface.)
  • The Leader’s “Tri-Pod” thingy.
  • what about MODOK’s hover chair….?

More later, I hope….


  • Doctor Octopus’ Arms (Yes, I know they are in the game as a special object. Hear me out. (1) Since the Sam Raimi movie version, the whole “A.I. controlled arms” thing has leaked back into the comics’ version of Doc Ock, and (2) writer Mark Waid took things a step futher with his version of Doc Ock as “invalid”, by having a more complex and versatile assembly. I think there could be a Clix interpretation as a Vehicle. Might rock.