DC HeroClix SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: “Brutaal” preview over on heroclix.com

With a set name like SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, you had to see this guy coming —

DC17-Brutaal-019bMan, that the effect provided by “Spawn of Apokolips” Trait should have been on pretty much every HC Superman, ever. Too bad that couldn’t be the definition of the Superman Ally team ability.

Or, maybe it could? Playing a lot of D3 GO!’s “Marvel PuzzleQuest” game. The “conditional” effects of many of the powers sported by characters in that game has me rethinking some of the “standard” Team Abilities in HeroClix.

I’m of the opinion that the Superman Ally TA should have become “Superman/Superman Ally”. Have a definition that has two effects: one effect is for characters with the Kryptonian keyword (I think it should combine the above “Outwit immunity” Trait, or a variation of it, with the traditional “Imporved” Movement and Targeting effects for ignoring hindering terrain of the old TA definition) and not copyable by wildcards; the other effect would be different, for characters with the TA but *not* Kryptonian, and be copyable (maybe a “summoning” power, so said character could place a Kryptonian already on your team adjacent?).

Worth examining, maybe tinkering…..

Could be interesting.