HeroClix Wish-List: Equinox (v1.1)

Equinox! “The Thermodynamic Man!” A Marvel Comics supervillain. First appeared in Marvel Team-Up #23 (1974, battling the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and Iceman. Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox_(comics)

For HeroClix:

  • Suggesting a Unique, Rare.
  • Sculpt: In the past, WizKids has done the characters of Iceman and Human Torch in translucent materials, blue and red/orange respectively. Given Equinox’ “thermal transitions”, there’s an opportunity to do “sculpt variants”. I’m thinking of Mistress Death from Marvel HeroClix GALACTIC GUARDIANS of 2012 (044 could either have a “skull face” or a human face), or the Iron Man from 2015’s NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (faceplate up or faceplate down). Dials were the same, just minor variations of the sculpt. In the case of Equinox, it’d be much more radical: head, arms, legs, upper torso, lower torso, and any “flame” or “ice sheet” effects of the sculpt/model could vary wildly from clix to clix.
  • “Pyrokinesis”: He can do everything Human Torch can do.
  • “Cryokinesis”: He can do everything Iceman can do.
  • Just not all at once.
  • Special Powers: One for each stat-slot (Speed, Attack, Defense, and Damage), with a “die roll” Trait. At the beginning of the turn, roll a d6 once, then check the definitions of each slot’s Special Power to see what he could use. Speed: Iceman-like “ice slide”? Or Human Torch Flight? Or maybe he’s walking, but can burn through walls on the way (Sidestep with Improved Movement?) Defense: Placing Barriers this turn, or Smoke Cloud hindering terrain markers? If so, fire or ice? Any additional effects? Or, maybe *just* Energy Shield/Deflection this turn. Attack: some Pulse Wave/Quake combo this turn? Or maybe Pulse Wave/Incapacitate combo? Or Penetrating/Psychic Blast plus Force Blast? Energy Explosion/Force Blast? Ranged Combat Expert? Precision Strike? With Special Powers, it’s not like the Attack slot Special Power can’t allow use of powers from other slots, as you can see in the game already.
  • Physical enhancement: guy could trade punches with super-strong and tough Spider-Man. Even picked up a car.
  • Unpredictable, for all players. But, F-U-N Fun.
  • Being one of these kind of supervillains that can take on two to three opponents at a time, 200 points? Sort of a “one man army” kind of piece? “Event Dial as playable character” kinda thing? A “scenario” in itself?