DC HeroClix SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN pseudo-review (v1.1)



UPFRONT: I continue to love the expanding character selection and evolving game design of HeroClix. The 2015/11 DC Comics’ HeroClix release, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN is another welcome addition.

With the incredible glut of HeroClix releases over the past few years, unfortunately this is also the set I’ve bought the least of. WizKids has apparently modified its release policy and practice as well: pre-orders through online retailers were delayed, giving mom-&-pop brick-&-mortar stores (venues most likely to host events) time to hold pre-release and release day events, and sell product. Best way for them to get butts in seat in the venue, hopefully drawing in more new blood.

I can see why. Just a bit pissed at the delay. I tend to buy in a mixed fashion: pre-order case(s) of regular boosters and the Fast Forces online, then supplement with modest local purchases, before going back online over the next few months, buying singles, filling in some (but never all) gaps. Clock is ticking after a release, counting down to when I have to switch back to saving for the next set and/or pre-ordering.

FYI (I’ve said it before): Haven’t played against another human being in years. More collecting, more delving into the rules and character designs and interactions, occasional “situation testing” (few and far between anymore). Still love the game. Still buying in.