File this one under “resource management”.

Have mentioned before on t his blog, my view on the whole “Time v. Energy v. Money” thing. I was specifically talking about going to movies then. Sometimes, when I have the time to go see one, I’ll not have the energy, or I’ll decide to save my money instead.

Same goes for this blog. The focus used to be HeroClix. Loved (still do) to immerse myself into game’s mechanics and character selection. I was living alone back then, though. Life was (and still is) mostly about work. But, in my “off time” and in the place where I used to live, I had a [HeroClix] Game Room, with good lighting, a table in the center, a clock radio to play NPR News programs and jazz, and shelves full of HeroClix. Or, time before work, or during lunch-break, or maybe after work, to abuse my internet privileges and use the basic MSPaint program to do a collage, “Wish-List” or “Ret-Con”. “Scratching the creative itch” the game and the characters give me.

Precious little time for that these days. And when I do have the time, sometimes I lack the energy, or — more often — am not at my workstation, where I have the tools to put this stuff together.  (I can only do so much with this smartphone….)


Thinking: a lot of people in poverty, around the world. Surviving, fighting for a basics. (Sometimes people get hurt.)
Thinking: at the opposite end of the spectrum, much much smaller segment of people, with control of resources, positions of authority, working towards their own visions and purpose. (Sometimes people get hurt. )
Thinking: I’m a working-class “cog in the machine”. Trying to help, in my own way, without hurting. Thankful. Conscious. But, also wishing I could enjoy such mundane-yet-nerdy happiness again.

Too much to ask? Given the state of the world?

The world is always-changing never-ending “flux”.

I’ve never been a “people person” but I remember when I liked to be around people more. People I trust are few and far between anymore. And I trust only by degrees. I don’t trust anyone “100%”.

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Where have I been, where am I now, where am I heading, and where am I likely to end up?