Another ‘ad nauseum’ call for an official HeroClix subscription service.

One idea I’ve brought up repeatedly over the past couple of years for HeroClix: some sort of subscription based service. This’ll sound weird, but it’s out of a desire to support the game, specifically game design. To support continued editions, additions, revisions, streamlining, and advancement of the Core and the peripheral mechanics and game elements.

Was reading through this thread over on HCRealms.com: http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=554365
Thought it amusing how many complaints involved Keywords.

Really wish WizKids would create character cards for “pre-carded era” clix. Really wish WizKids would revise existing character cards the could use corrections, or additions like certain Keywords.

I mean, the WizKids Rules forum — with its Errata & Clarifications forums — is one thing, while heroclix.com and its “print and play” and other downloads sections — full of uncorrected character cards and rules documents — is another thing. There’s gotta be a way to harmonize the two.

The fan-community of HCRealm.com has plenty to offer, sure. And it has a great Units section. But, even with donations, it doesn’t seem to have the resources to really explore such harmonizing. And it lacks the official authority.

I’ve brought up the idea here before of a subscription-based app for mobile devices. But, that’s probably too outdated an idea any way. Speaking as a “monthly sustaining member” to both my local NPR affiliate of choice and to the service/research charity of Wounded Warrior Project, I’m wondering if WizKids could have a site that combines monthly donations with an ever-evolving website? Full character card galleries and rules and examples/walk-throughs, continually updated. No “errata”, but revisions. NOT a forum. “Living documents.”

Something worth making a monthly donation to. Professional. Run by WizKids’ Game Design? Is such a thing sustainable?

The WizKids Rules forum might still be necessary, for gathering questions and information about what needs to be addressed. But, that also means resources devoted to constant “clean-up” there as well, deleting posts and thread as the “main documents” get updated.

And the character card galleries, needs to be even better than HCR’s Units section. No need for player commentary, leaving room for “clarification” examples/walk-throughs of how game elements work. “Toggle” for tournament mode, where only the character cards and explanations are available, no dial info. Mayby a “WhoClix?” section or tab in the character entry? Crowd-source for “bio-info” for the piece in question, concise and cogent blurbs on who’s who, on who the sculpt and dial represent.

Such a Units section needs to cover maps and objects as well.

So: sustaining membership supported living document game desgin team run website. Do-able? “HeroClix Online” in a completely different form?

EDIT: No, I am not “Mr. Moneybags”. I’m not rich. Part of this is that I’ve reduced my spending on the game, which is due in part to there being too much out there to keep track of. Part of the game going forward will have to be in the form of “tools”, inventory management and rules.