The Two Most Important Players in 2016 Aren’t Named Clinton or Trump | The City Club of Cleveland – The City Club of Cleveland

I identify as a Moderate / Centrist Republican. I have voted in the past in Republican primaries (McCain in 2008, Huntsman in 2012).

I don’t trust the Kochs, and I’m disappointed at how many candidates running for office and how many sitting public servants appear to be firmly in their pockets.

Machiavellian Conservatives. Short, medium, and long-term, such types are self-serving and untrustworthy. Zealous and destructive.

Whatever evil they commit, whatever actions they take to force the public and the markets to their will, to make the world and society work in the only way they think it should or can work, we here on this mortal plane may have to suffer from and endure.

As individual souls, we stand before God in the afterlife for judgement, to recieve Justice. Whatever the get away with here, they will pay for, ultimately.

So, here on this mortal plane, in this life and in this time, how do we counter this compassionless, fear and avarice-fueled onslaught?