Left work at 12noon. Hit the theatre for the 1:40pm matinée: “The Hateful Eight”.

Thumbs-up from me. Stylish, vulgar, intricate, gory, and funny.

I remember back when “Django Unchained” and “Lincoln” were in the running for Oscars. I loved both, but favored “Lincoln” for its subject matter (Lincoln’s push to end slavery). I remember at the time an NPR commentator’s comment that Lincoln was just a “period chamber drama” [IIRC]. I wondered while watching H8 (or 88?) if that person could make it through acts 1 & 2; love that H8 takes its own sweet time to establish characters.

No heroes in this movie. Innocents, mean people, blood and bullets.

I still love my sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, spy, and “inspired by” movies, but there’s very few people who can do the dark humor like Tarantino does.

OTHER: Promising trailers for “13 Hours”, “Deadpool” and Captain America: Civil War” looking great, and Cumberbatch becomes “Sherlock” yet again, this time in a big screen Victorian Era version instead of the BBC/PBS TV Modern Era take. “Jane Got A Gun” looks good, too.

(Wish I could remember the other previews. I remember being pleased at the selection.)

Still hoping to see the latest Star Wars flick.

EDIT: Still hoping to see “Concussion” and “The Big Short” as well.

EDIT (2016-01-01): Finally! Saw “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”! J.J. Abrams works his mojo on yet another sci-fi/fantasy series. Fun stuff.

Really, really, really looking forward to Captain America : Civil War though. Hope it’s as good as Winter Soldier.

Aside: Lot of talk about “peak TV” lately; more channels, more great shows, not enough eyeballs with enough time to view it all. Feel the same with movies, too. A “bubble” of great movies large and small, fantastic and grounded, epic and intimate, and everything in between…. Not enough time to see it all.