Opposing Factions Take to Facebook in Oregon Wildlife Refuge Dispute – NYTimes.com


So, the occupiers continue to protest having to pay grazing fees for grazing livestock on public lands managed by the Federal government.
Among other things, they seem to object to the concept of public lands, or at least Federal protection of such lands. They’ve talked about putting control of such lands in “local” hands. Sounded like state control at first, but now they’re talking like the want to give the lands back to the regional Native American tribe.
It all just seems to me like they — these ranchers — are trying to get the public lands out of Federal control so they can eventually take them over themselves, one way or another.
From the article, doesn’t sound like the local tribes are buying it, and are actually wanting the Federal government to uphold treaties protecting the land and tribal artifacts (particularly the artifacts stored in the buildings the rancher/protesters are occupying).
Strange situation.
Bottom line: I just think if the Feda give the land back to the Native Tribes, whoever backs the ranchers will help them get the land from the Tribes somehow.