Fat Tuesday, then “Lenten Challenge” (v1.1)

“Lenten Challenge”: I’m not Catholic, but I used to give up stuff for Lent. Haven’t done it for at least 3 years now. Lent starts tomorrow, ends on Thursday the 24th of March (I believe).

Usually used to give up beef or chocolate. Always gave up alchohol during that time frame. (Not a huge deal. I average about one beer or hard cider or “wine cooler” a month.) One time, I gave up all three.

This year?

I come from an immediate family situation where we *ALL* seem to gain weight depressingly easily, and keep it on. Back in the army (’92 – ’98), i was in the best shape of my life, BUT I was never able to score high on physical training tests, and during my single six-year contract I always got “taped”; body-fat measurements. Waist and neck, because I was always 5 to 10 pounds overweight. My neck skinnied-down, but my waist always had something, no matter what I did. It sucked.

Now: Way overweight, work/life is out-of-balance, and I haven’t been to a gym in years.

This Lent:

  • Giving up Beef (exception, because I’m told you get *one* on sundays, will be either a big burger or a steak, for one meal; not going to “game” the exception day and try to have it at every meal.)
  • Cheese. (This will SUCK.)
  • Fast food breakfasts. (Big problem for me.)
  • having lunch at work (except a single apple or a banana)
  • Chocolate, candy in general, doughnuts/pastries.

Try to ratchet-back on the starches as much as possible.

I already don’t drink a lot of pop/soda, but that too. And the alchohol (except one optional beer with that beef on Sundays. Possibly.)

So, Fat Tuesday, here I am!!!!

EDIT (2016-02-10):
Avoided McDonald’s and Burger King breakfasts.
Stopped by local convenience store instead.
Picked up O.J. and Banana for lunch.
Did buy Buffalo Chicken sausages for breakfast.
Does that count as “fast food”???