Took the opportunity to see DEADPOOL tonight, the 6:40pm showing at my local Regal.

Loved it. And I’m not really a big Deadpool fan. Heard an NPR spot for it this morning, and it referenced another review calling the whole flick one long inside joke. They weren’t kidding. But, there’s the fun of it. And it did make me like Deadpool a bit more as a character. (Always considered him a derivative mash-up of Wolverine and Spider-Man in a ninja-ish costume. I see what others like about him now.) Loved all the ’80’s pop culture references, too. Including the one at the very, very end.

…and the Green Lantern jokes…

(This one isn’t for the kids, though. It’s for the mildly jaded comic book superhero fan. FYI.)

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