Archiving!: 2016 Marvel HeroClix “Convention Exclusives”.

WOW, a lot of exciting “con-ex” teasers over at in the past few weeks. Using this post to save some images, reminders to me of stuff I eventually want to hunt down and acquire. (Most excited about “Man-Spider” and another “Rocket & Groot”, but lovin’ the 1966 Batman stuff!)

MV-PP16-003_CosmicDaredevil_HiresRender MV-PP16-002_RocketRacoonAndGroot_HiresRender MV-PP16-001_ManSpider_HiresRender_Front DC-PP16-007_BatmanBomb_HiresRender2 DC-PP16-006_BatmanSurfing_HiresRender DC-PP16-004_ArrowDiggleMotorcycle_HiresRender DC-PP16-003_RedRobin_HiresRender DC-PP16-001_AcetheBathound_HiresRender