Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Macro System! (v1.1)

For your reference: Macro System (Marvel U Appendix) and Overview of appearance: Macro System

The Marvel U Appendix makes the comment that it may have been inspired by everything 1980’s, from “Japanimation” cartoons like Voltron, to toys like Go-Bots and Transformers.

I have the issue Macro System appeared in, but like my whole collection, it’s locked up in storage. I’m fuzzy memory-wise on whether it was one “pilot” controlling them all, or one pilot for each robot.

If it was one pilot, would assume there was some artificial intelligence assistance. If it was one pilot, it’s safe to assume that “Unit 1” was the command and control “focal point”; no clue how far out each robot could be controlled, what the communications signal range was.

I think it’d be interesting for Marvel to bring them back. Keep the “John Byrne Robotics” look, but also play with more-modern sci-fi concepts as well. If they kept one human “pilot”, controlling Unit 1, Units 2 thru 4 as largely independent, individual experiments in A.I./personality. Sort of a Marvel Comics conceptual variation of DC Comics’ Metal Men. See how “they” interact with Marvel Earth’s humanity, “superhumanity”, and various A.I./”Robot Lifeform” characters: The Vision, Ultron, Alkhema, Jocasta, Machine Man/Aaron Stack, Dr. Doom’s Doombots, and so on.

Food for Thought: Future of Humanity: Cyborgs & Robot Intelligence.

MV HC Macro System 2


HeroClix potential:

  • More “generic” robots are always nice to get, but they should have a “Macro System keyword, and Additional Team Ability (resurrect the INDY brand’s Guardians of the Globe or Crusade TA’s?).
  • Each robot when K.O.’d is replaced on the map with a heavy object (Units 2 thru 4) or an Ultra Heavy Object (Unit 1). Common.
  • Character/Resource Dial hybrid clix: “Macro System Pilot”?
  • Maybe one clix to represent Units 1 thru 4, using one point-cost but two starting lines and K.O. lines. It’s reasonable to assume that Units 1 thru 4 were not *completely identical*; you had right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. One set of stats represents the two that could form the legs of the “giant composite” [“Big Mack”?], maybe they are the faster flyers (greater Speed values, Transporter/Wing symbol, close combat oriented, Empower, but only with other Macro System allies); the other starting line’s stats represents the ‘bots that form the arms, and may be more range-oriented combatants, and support (Enhancement, but only with other Macro System allies). Combine/disassemble mechanics just custom variation of standard Merge/Split rules?
  • Unit 1 has to be its own clix, capable of everything the other four do, do it well, if not *slightly* better, plus Special Power-based Perplex (“Brilliant Tactician” for fellow Macro System clix), Incapacitate. Unique ring. Rare? Or, just an Uncommon?
  • “Big Mack” [already regreting trying to name the “combo-form”, but I’m rolling with it) would be a replacement clix, appearing in the square Unit 1 occupied. Moves slower but hits harder, is more durable. Token generation every turn, any number of tokens can be removed to self-perplex stat[s] or avoid pushing damage. Super-Rare, or “case incentive” or “mail-away exclusive”.
  • Would be cool if “Big Mack” could be a Build-A-Clix; like the Hulk-Buster Mark II, when destroyed, “pieces” become special 3D objects on the map. Would be cool if WizKids could develop a for Mack to suffer damage and degraded capability by loss-of-limb, and in which limbs could possibly be reattached during play for a partial “healing” (assuming Mack could get to his limb before an opponent picks it up and beats him with it).

And now, “samples” [examples] of current Marvel HeroClix “robotics”:

Hulkbuster-Torso Hulkbuster-Right-Leg Hulkbuster-Right-Arm Hulkbuster-Mark-II Hulkbuster-Left-Leg Hulkbuster-Left-Armwpid-sentinel-hunter.jpeg wpid-sentinel-sentry.jpeg wpid-AlphaClass_Sentinel_parts-copy.jpeg DOFP Alpha Class Sentinel -Defense- DOFP Alpha Class Sentinel -Attack-wpid-mv2015-aou-jocasta-039.jpegMV2015-AoU-Machine-Man-025