DC Comics HeroClix Wish-List: Deathbolt & Cyclotron! (v1.1)

Excellent “UnClixed” article over on HCRealms.com today focusing on an “obscure” 1980’s-era supervillain named “Bolt”.

Got me reminiscing. I only have a few issues of the 80’s Blue Devil comics (if they’re still with my collection in my storage locker, and I didn’t give them away or sell or destroy them already). Bolt was in two of them. The 80’s and early 90’s was when I was heavy into comics, grade school through college and into my first 4 years in the army. Although always more into Marvel Comics than DC Comics, I loved both “multiverses”. And during the 1980’s there was a very fun DC title set during World War II that seems very “Marvel-like” to me and held my interest for a very long time: All*Star Squadron [which I will refer to as “ASQ” from here on out].

Bolt’s write-up today made me think of all the WWII era characters and WWII era “inspired” characters that WizKids could fill a JSA [Justice Society of America]/ASQ set out with. Two villains immediately popped into my head: Deathbolt and Cyclotron.

Comments within the “collage”.

DC HC Wish-List Death Bolt Cyclotron

JSA AllStarSquadron_Roll-Call

That ougtta get the brain-juices flowing….