Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Warrior Woman & Warrior Woman! (v1.1)

Warrior Woman (Axis) & Warrior Woman (Hippolyta)

Yep, Marvel Comics, working every angle (given enough time).

Quick pseudo-timeline not-at-all-accurate thumbnail thingy:

  • Superman (Action Comics #1, cover dated June 1938, by National Publications (later becomes DC Comics)) (“humanoid extraterrestrial alien”)
  • Sub-Mariner(Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly, “April 1939”, by Funnies, Inc./Timely Comics): Atlantean (“mythic alien” humanoid kinda thing)
  • Human Torch (Marvel Comics #1, “October 1939”, by Timely Comics (later becomes Marvel Comics): “Android”.
  • Batman (Detective Comics #27, cover dated May 1939, by National Publications; sidekick Robin wouldn’t appear until 1940): self-made “nearly peak human” criminologist/vigilante.
  • Captain America (Captain America Comics #1, cover dated “March 1941”, by Timely Comics): science-enhanced “peak human” patriotic citizen-soldier.
  • Wonder Woman (All Star Comics #8, “December 1941”, by All-American Publications (later part of DC Comics): Amazon (Mythic).

So, all of the “archetypes” formed early. The “Golden Age” version of Wonder Woman rivaled Superman in physical strength, had her own selection of “senses” and such. WW was a “Superwoman.” Timely/Marvel Comics hadn’t seemed able to tap into the “Superheroine” in any significant way (not for lack of trying) until the 1960’s Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four. Then the ball slowly got rolling.

Marvel’s first “Warrior Woman” was a “continuity implant”, created in the 1970’s as antagonist for the WWII Marvel characters like Captain America. With enhanced strength and stamina and Nazism, she’s sort of a “dark reflection” or counterpart to Cap, giving the “Übermensch” concept the old “purple nurple”.

Marvel’s first “Warrior Woman”, created in the 1960’s, but near as I can tell, wasn’t called Warrior Woman until decades later. At least she’s a “Good Guy”, though, an Amazon. Lands in-between Wonder Woman and Warrior Woman, power-wise.

Would really like to see both in Marvel HeroClix, even though I can’t really think of any special powers that would make them stand out.

For now, I’m thankful Marvel has plenty of Ms. and Captain Marvels. 🙂

I think I’ll try adding collages tomorrow.

UPDATE (2016-04-24): So much for “tomorrow”…

Warrior Woman Marvel

Warrior Woman Marvel Villain