DC Comics HeroClix ‘ReClix’ Wish-List: Mr. Terrific! (v1.1)

Disclaimer 1: I’m more of a “Marvel Zombie” than a “DC Drone”, but I love both superhero genre “narrative universes”. Disclaimer 2: I haven’t bought even a trade paperback collection of an title for either ‘universe’ for over a year. I’m way behind. That said, I’m in no way opposed to “new” characters showing up in HeroClix before “old” characters. “New, old, marquee, obscure, supporting”…wanna clix ’em all.

MR. TERRIFIC! Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mister_Terrific_(comics) Specifically, the second person to carry the mantle, Michael Holt. He needs “ReClixed” badly. So, “Dear WizKids,…” PLEASE REMAKE THE MICHAEL HOLT “MR. TERRIFIC”!! [IF you haven’t already. I’m not finding one in the HCRealms.com UNITS section, and I don’t see him mentioned yet as a rumor for the 2016 DC HeroClix JOKER’S WILD set — http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/search.php?searchid=4748653 ]

ALSO: Want to point to this bit of “fan-design” from way, way back on another blog called “The Absorbascon”: INVENTING THE T-SPHERE (I knew I’d seen someone had to have done these. There may be more fan-versionsof these out there. I haven’t looked.)

HeroClix T-Spheres by The AbsorbasconOPINIONS: I disagree with the need for Team Abilities on these. Would prefer to see Traited Willpower. Also disagree about the zero Damage value, as these softball-sized, cybernetically-directed, semi-autonomous, sensor-packed and armored flying holographic projectors also zip around during mêlée, ramming into opponents.  I’ll be using them ‘as is’ in the “Ret-Con Trait Ability” imbedded into the ‘collage’ for the LEGACY version below.

Michael “Mr. Terrific” Holt is a former Olympian and a genius technologist. And I agree with other fan sentiment that those T-Spheres need to be “attachable” objects or bystanders, à la the Superior Spider-Man ‘Spider-Bots’ from the Marvel HeroClix DEADPOOL set.




For reference: Terry “Mr. Terrific” Sloane (First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1, 1942) —