Archiving!: WizKids’ TMNT previews.

Past couple of weeks, WizKids has been previewing TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and various “convention exclusives” HeroClix that are releasing this year. This post is for me to save images for the TMNT stuff. I’m actually not sure yet if I’ll chase this stuff down. (Still have trouble keeping up with Marvel- and DC Comics-related HeroClix releases.) Still, a lot of cool dial designs. Gives me the ‘itch’ to give ‘chase’, you know, hunt ’em down…

TMNT1-030-Baxter-Stockman TMNT1-013-Baxter-Stockman TMNT-PP16-V001_TurtleVan_HiresRender TMNT-PP16-002_CaseyJones_HiresRender TMNT-PP16-001_Shredder_HiresRender tmnt-1024x769 TMNT1-029-Rat-king TMNT1-028-Leonardo TMNT1-027-Donatello TMNT1-026-Michelangelo TMNT1-025-Raphael TMNT1-023-Fugitoid TMNT1-018-Metalhead TMNT1-012-Casey-Jones TMNT1-004-Leonardo TMNT1-003-Donatello TMNT1-002-Michelangelo TMNT1-001-Raphael