I stumbled across a thread in the “Dear WizKids” forum of HCRealms today suggesting new set themes. — set themes
The “Historical Military Units” suggestion really took me down ‘Memory Lane’, to a store outside of Ft. Bragg, NC, during the 1990’s, and being exposed to the painted and unpainted military miniatures sold there. And to the Osprey “Men At Arms” Books — Osprey Publishing: https://ospreypublishing.com/store/military-history/series-books/men-at-arms Wonderful stuff. I have one book, bought at s much later time. It’s in storage with my comics and such. I believe medieval Japan, covering Samurai and various footsoldiers.

WizKids’ own ‘Indy’ HeroClix “Historical Fast Forces”. Could be a thing.

Think, just try it once. The release: one ‘set’ of 5 fast forces. Each Fast Forces pack is like the one Osprey books above, covering one historical period/culture. Each clix could have multiple starting lines. Completely HeroClix compatible.

Would be very useful. IMO. I’d buy a case, to get one of each.