HA! Latest “Indy” HeroClix TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES preview is up over on heroclix.com: Krang!


That’s it. I’m sold. I reserved a case of the gravity feed, will probably hunt down singles after that. Krang riffs on some of the geekier ‘supervillain’ cliché/tropes that as close to my heart: ‘hostile extraterrestrial/extradimensional alien’, ‘brain-in-a-jar’, ‘evil genius’, and ‘robot-master’. I MUST HAVE HIM FOR MY COLLECTION.

Wow, a lot of cool “Krang” art to google. Official art, fan art, and other demented takes.

krang-tmnt-2 krang___tmnt___luc_begin_renders_by_onetruth-d7tk88u Tmnt_redesign_krang_by_graphicgeek-d4s412t