Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: American Eagle and Commander A (plus a “Ret-Con”) (v1.2)

For reference: Marvel Comics’ Jason “American Eagle” Strongbow (Wikipedia) and Kiyoshi “Commander A” Morales.

Also helpful in telling you where I’m going with all of this:

And relevant Marvel Comics characters:

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So, in the fictional narrative construct called the “Marvel Universe”: Time travel, parallel worlds, alternate realities all exist. Science & Magick co-exist. God, “gods”, and all manner of Alien life exists. The Native American/American Indian characters of Thunderbird and Warpath are an interesting fictional twist on “evolution within a world that has ‘superhumans'”.

Let me back up a bit. This is my current understanding of the ‘slippery-greased-up-weasel” that is the “official history” of said fictional narrative construct called “The Marvel Universe”: At some point after humanoid life first emerged on the mud ball that would become “Marvel Earth”, aliens known as “The Celestials” paid a visit, began tinkering with human genetics. The result was to create three species: regular Humans (who also had an ‘x-factor’ in their code that would/could result in development of superhuman abilities as the species evolved), Eternals (a more evolutionarily ‘static’ humanoid species, relatively small in number, that would later serve as the basis for the ‘gods’ of myth), and Deviants (a species so genetically in flux, no two were similar, and were often not humanoid at all, reproduced at least as fast as humans, and served as a basis for human legends and myths of ‘monsters’).

The ‘normal humans’ of the marvel universe — that had the x-gene — would occasionally pop-out a genuine ‘superhuman’, which might serve as a basis for a ‘legendary hero’ of ancient times. And, of course, you have the alien Kree making a visit eons after the Celestials, tinkering with human DNA, and creating the Inhuman offshoot.

Given all of that, it’s not unreasonable in this narrative universe to assume that the scattered and various “nations” and “tribes” that inhabited the continents that would be “the Americas” after colonization by Europe had their own “mythic heroes” that might’ve been the result of that ‘x-gene’ activating from time to time.

The characters of Jason “American Eagle” Strongbow, John “Thunderbird” Proudstar, and James “Warpath” Proudstar may represent this. If the ‘average Native American’ — a ‘normal human’ — are sort in the vein of ‘worker ant’ like the rest of us, the three characters above are like a ‘soldier ant’, working alongside other ‘workers’, but also being larger, faster, stronger as protectors. May have even come as a result of tribal elders engaging in ‘selective breeding’ via arranging marriages, within and between tribes. Larger, faster, stronger, resilient, agile, more acute senses, greater stamina (fully superhuman, in the range just below Spider-Man, but well pased Captain America’s “peak human”).

Wasn’t until the 1st and 2nd modern “Industrial Revolutions” and the rapid advent of various scientific disciplines, that humans decide to try experiment in creating “super-soldiers”.

I mean, if Steve “Captain America” Rogers is the result of taking someone “below normal” to “peak human”, what happens if they use the same process on someone that may already be just over the line into “superhuman”, like Strongbow or the Proudstar boys? [Not even including things like cybernetic/bionic enhancements.] You’d get Commander-A of the 25th century United Americas, from the Captain America Corps storyline.


Would love to see American Eagle and Commander-A become part of HeroClix.

Other reference:

Thunderbird I & Thunderbird II-Warpath

Did a homemade “HeroClix Ret-Con Trait” for the old ARMOR WARS (2005), but decided to re-do it for this post. WizKids’ Game Design has been updating the language and effects for standard powers over recent years, and I decided this Ret-Con Trait could use an overhaul (imbedded into a stripped-down ‘character collage’):


For comparison:

WoSM-028 Warpath