Catching up during my lunch break (this is old news):

And the “Magistrate’s” ‘black hole grenade’ sounds very cool. Might re-use that for a Ret-Con Trait.
EDIT: I’m not a huge X-Men fan. But, I’m liking the sound of some of the dial designs. That generic Morlock sounds awesome in concept. Would love to see more generics done with multiple starting lines like that.
EDIT II: The new Warpath sounds incredible. (Hope at some point they make the Exiles version…)
EDIT III: Really wanting to know about Angel’s dial.
(If anyone remembers seeing some of the 1960’s era X-Men covers, there was one where he was carrying the huge piece of pipe, ready to throw it. I keep hoping he’d one day get a “give this character a free action and give this character an ultra-light object from outside the game” kind of trait or special power. And some sort of ‘divebomob’ s.p. as well.)