Anticipation: Captain America : Civil War

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is Comic-Book Cinema Without the Wonder | Village Voice http://www.villagevoice.com/film/captain-america-civil-war-is-comic-book-cinema-without-the-wonder-8564845

Hmm. Personally, I want more wonder.

EDIT (2016-04-29): Loved the first 2 Cap movies. Am worried about the trend in superhero movies to be expensive sturm und drang.

Still think studios could spend the amount of money they spend on one movie to produce three smaller, better balanced movies, sort of a three-movie arc, release in “serial” fashion, one per weekend. Allow more time for character-driven drama and smoother plotting and pacing.


I am looking forward to CACW, just not as much anymore.

Hope Marvel Studios doesn’t “rigid formula” itself into a tailspin.

EDIT II: Also, enjoying Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on TV. Little perturbed the movies don’t acknowledge TV and Netflix stories.

EDIT III: Finding more reviews via Rotten Tomatoes. (Normally I try to avoid reviews and spoilers, but I know I’m going to go to and love these movies anyway. But, I’m a superhero genre fan in a bubble. I want to see these movies improve, especially in the face of more dramatically-potent TV like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, etc.)



That last review gives me more hope.