“ToySoldierClix” & “ChessClix” (v1.1)

Still mulling over this HCRealms.com thread tossing HeroClix set ideas around. It inspired me to do this “OspreyClix” (military history HeroClix) post. The thread’s gone ‘deep into the weeds’ over the non-DC Comics and non-Marvel Comics ideas, especially videogame-based licenses.

I still can’t get the ‘military history idea out of my head. Mostly because of the potential for ‘generics’, that ‘slice’ of HeroClix figures that are supposed to represent the ‘anonymous cannon fodder’ present in all manner of storytelling, as opposed to the specifically-named protagonists and antagonists and supporting characters.

This morning, the thought occurred to me while browsing the toy aisles in Wal*Mart (which I like to do after I’ve picked up the actual, real-world necessities life requires; I didn’t buy anything): “Army Men“, the little plastic “toy soldiers“. I still like the thought of WizKids putting out a “set of Fast Forces” once a year of such ‘generics’.

Looking at the baggies and plastic containers of the cheap “army men” soldiers in the Wal*Mart toy aisle — near some of the non-poseable superhero figures — made me think again of the “ChessClix” idea, of putting out completed clix-figures that were unpainted, the sculpt’s plastic done in all one color. For ChessClix, one ‘side’ of the chess board usually is black, the other white. Was originally imagining the ChessClix army sculpts being stylized medieval/gothic looking. But to expand the game, create new styles of dials or ‘armies’ based on subjects more-fantastic, with sculpts being done without paint and in solid colors — mythic beasts (color of plastic could be a stony gray plastic, like granite statues), Amazons (blue? rose?), 1930’s/40’s/50’s sci-fi or contemporary sci-fi or Japanese cartoon sci-fi or whatever (orange? yellow?), heck re-use all the sculpts from the old “The Lab” HorrorClix set (blood red!).

So, again, “OspreyClix” or “ToySoldierClix”: A ‘set” of five Fast Forces, each FF of 5 to 6 clix figures each. Examples: One of WWII U.S. Army soldiers (green); one of feudal era Japanese samurai (red?); cowboys (brown?); Celtis warriors (tan?); Spartan soldiers (blue?).

All could become part of a HeroClix “Kang’s Crosstime Army”. Yesss….

As pointed out above, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres could see generics.

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