(Posted originally on the 3rd) “Captain America : Civil War” did very well overseas last weekend!  Great to hear. — http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=marvel2016.htm

Hoping to see it twice this coming weekend.

EDIT (2016-05-05): npr.org/2016/05/05: theaters-welcome-another-superhero-movie-captain-america-civil-war

So, how many movies come out per year? How many are “self-contained”? What I mean is, how many are pretty much “one-shot” stories?

I ask because of the comments in the interview/review linked above. To be clear, I enjoy Turan’s movie reviews, even when I disagree.

The comment about such superhero movies like the Marvel ones being “exclusive” just kinda rankled me. About how Joe Everyman just wandering in off the street into “Captain America: Civil War” and doesn’t already know the characters might not get what’s going on.

Okay, it’s a pitfall with “serialized entertainment”, I guess. TV or movie series. I kinda like “cause and effect” linkages, the continuing continuity. I don’t think I’m alone.

I just don’t see why that has to be a ding against a movie or TV episode. “One-shot” or “serial episode”, if it’s well done, it’s well done. And often worth rewatching.

How many ‘one-shots’ are done a year? How many still are worth watching once, let alone repeat viewings?

Given that he says he liked it, is it just another shot taken at the sci-fi/fantasy/thriller mash-up that superhero genre stuff tends to be?

I don’t think I’ve ever opposed the existence of movies of a particular genre, or the creation of such movies. I often enjoy non-superhero genre fare. Non-sci-fi, too. Non-fantasy. Non-spy and non-buddy cop movies. Non-murder mysteries. Even non-action. Seems like superhero and sci-fi/fantasy movies draw a lot of fire. Varying by degrees, to be sure, but still. (Turan liked the movie, after all. Just reminding myself.)

(Aside: What do you call a professional writer/critic who as a bias against certain genres, anyway? “Genre-ist”? *shrug*)