2016-05-07: 10am matinée of Captain America: Civil War.

Big Thumbs-up for me.

EDIT 2016-05-08: 2nd viewing, another 10am matinée. Still awesome. Still felt “transported”.

I remember some yesterday, a fellow movie-goer on the way out of yesterday’s viewing saying something that sounded dismissive, like “predictable”.

I disagree. What’s the saying? About there only being 10 original stories in the world? (Never can nail down the number.) Or the thing about all of Shakespeare’s plays pretty much covering every kind of tradegy or comedy trope or conflict?

I guess my point is that once you’re aware of the “baseline” or “fundamental” patterns, it becomes all about the individual “components” and how well the whole is crafted, if what it is was well done, and and it does what does well.

CACW is great.

Got some, ideas, some observations and opinions. But, I try to avoid spoilers and reviews before seeing movies, and I want to wait a day or two. Get past opening weekend before I dork-out in balls-out fashion.

I need to combine this post with some previous ones. I can probably opine about characters that everyone has see from the trailers….?

EDIT (2016-05-10): I don’t know yet what the next movies are scheduled to be, but I’m hoping there’s a CAPTAIN AMERICA: NOMAD in there somewhere. Something taking elements of the 80’s/90’s storylines, not necessarily the 1970’s ones. Introduce the “Commission on Superhuman Activities”, John “Super-Patriot” Walker (played by John Cena) who gets tapped by the CSA to be the “new” Captain America. Maybe add in Battlestar? (CSA tries to make thier own Falcon? Or revives the ‘Iron Patriot’ moniker for Lemar?) Steve Rogers running around in a red, white, and black version of his uniform (not calling himself simply “The Captain” — like he’s some Marvel Knight-Errant — but using the callsign “Nomad” (an identity Rogers used in the 70’s comics for a time).)

Also, where did Sam’s flight harness initially come from? Now that Spidey’s in the MCU, it’d be cool to salvage some of the OsCorp beats from the previous two Sony Spidey movies. Be interesting to see Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes, mad as heck about OsCorp stealing his “gravitic reversion” tech out from under him, SHIELD/Stark making modifications without his permission (Stark claiming it’s based on his dad’s tech anyway), and then seeing what happens after Black Panther’s Wakandans come up with… Could be fun.