“paragon matrix”

Was listening to this Studio360 episode: wnyc.org/story/frank-langella-rebecca-miller-character-alignment. Excellent episode overall. The character-alignment piece was a fun bit of brainfood. And it lead to finding a new site to visit regularly: imaginaryworldspodcast.org

Opinion: As much as I loved CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, I do get tired of “hero versus hero” stories in the superhero genre. HvH is/can be enlightening and thought-provoking (kinda like the never-ending Conservative Republicans versus Liberal Democrats of our political system), but it seems it’s really easy to get mired in ideological conflict against your ‘allies’, while something very bad is being done by someone else elsewhere, because they know you’re ‘tied up’.

It’s one of the reasons I wish Marvel Studios could bridge the ‘gap’ somehow between the movies and the television shows for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Good villains are harder to come by for the movies, IMO. They have to get introduced at the beginning of the movie, and get killed at the end to resolve the story’s major plots. The TV show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” may have its problems, but at least the villains are there for awhile, with the potential that we can see how dangerous they are, what they’re working toward, and actually have doubts about whether or not our ‘heroes’ will survive, let alone stop the bad guys.

Latest Cap movie? I loved it, enjoyed the ride, a well told tale. But the only time I feared for a character? Rhodey, “War Machine” armor power offline, hurtling toward terra firma.

EDIT : of course, part of CACW is that the heroes are fighting each other, all while a mysterious “villain” is using the fear and paranoia for his own ends…